Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Final Battle ㉑

Combat shifts back to Shiro’s perspective.

Final Battle ㉑

I believed that I wasn’t being careless or conceited. However, it’s not like I’m omnipotent either. Since there’s no way I can know everything, it’s normal for unexpected things to occur. If I was in my best condition I could use my magecraft to gather various information to a certain degree, allowing me to take various countermeasures. However, I am currently far from being in my best condition.

My battle with Kuro was rather exhausting. There’s also the fact that the battle began with Kuro’s surprise attack, so in the early stages I was in an entirely unfavourable situation. I had originally made plans to lure Kuro into my field, but when hostilities broke out I was thrown into Kuro’s field instead. Due to that I first had to work on remaking Kuro’s field into my own field. Naturally, Kuro wouldn’t allow me to simply do that, so he slashed at me with a sword that had the effect of blocking me from recovering damage to my body. Thanks to that I’m covered in blood! Even so, I was able to remake the field little by little, and just when I finally felt that I’d gotten into a favourable situation, Kuro struck at me fully prepared to die in the process and crushed one of my eyes. I’d take this over having my head split in two, but the damage is still massive. I lost almost all of the clones that were capable of rewriting the field for a start……

To put it bluntly, it would be bad if I lose my main body now. Extremely bad. Any more than this and I could really die. Because of that I can barely use any energy, which in turn means that I can barely use any of my magecraft either. I wasn’t being careless or conceited, but it’s undeniable that I was heavily restricted in what I could do.

For that very reason, I determined the order in which to take on my enemies, dealing with the highest priority ones first. Going by my intuition, the Wind Dragon is the most troublesome one in this place. Next are imouto-chan and the Ice Dragon. Thanks to that teeny dragon wrapped around her arm, not only has imouto-chan gotten rather strong but that teeny dragon uses healing magic to provide support as well. The Ice Dragon is the sturdy type. It also has a plainly annoying debuff ability that is making our side weaker as well. Last is the Fire Dragon, who is rather normal. Well, I don’t mean weak though okay? Or rather, yeah, he has no distinctive traits basically. Yep.

I think that to concentrate on these four in order, ignoring the rest, is the correct decision. Yamada-kun’s Divine Protection of Heaven is a threat in the sense that it could influence the entire battlefield, but I didn’t think it would be particularly useful on a confined battlefield like this. Yamada-kun himself isn’t that strong either. Even from the respect of the Divine Protection of Heaven being able to make favourable events occur, I won’t lose to Yamada-kun in being able to generate favourable events. It’s the same sort of thing with Ooshima-kun. While Ooshima-kun’s barrier is strong in its own way, it’s not enough that it can’t be overcome. Like Yamada-kun, Ooshima-kun isn’t that strong anyway and given that she’s only able to defend it means that even if I leave her alone she won’t be able to become much of an obstacle. The pope is on the verge of death, so ignore him. The strange old man is strong for a human, but that’s only for a human. Ignoring him won’t cause problems.

If I’d had the spare energy to do so I would have preferred to develop some magecraft to keep track of them as well. However, I don’t have any spare energy. In order to achieve the best results from a limited resource, it had been the correct decision to focus on the most important targets first. It should have been the correct decision.

So what’s up with this situation!?

I was shooting darkness bullets at the Wind Dragon and Fire Dragon. Like with the draconian earlier, I was being careful to keep them from getting close, and intended to wear them down with one-sided long distance firepower. That should have been the optimal way to deal with them. Despite that, I was suddenly attacked from behind. Something bit into my neck.

I felt a part of my soul being chomped off. It’s a Heresy Attack. The same as that draconian huh! Then, when I turned to look at the offender, it was the same draconian. The draconian who should have died earlier, had attacked me with just the top half of his body.

What the heck is with this guy!? Weren’t you dead earlier!? Or rather, you can’t move with just the top half of your body! Since he’s missing his right hand as well, did he jump with just his left hand then? You’re being way too tenacious to bite at someone after dying! You’re supposed to just stay dead! Based on the situation and the visuals you’ve turned this into a horror story you dolt!

I hurriedly tore off the draconian who had bitten into me, slamming him onto the ground. Having a dead body with only the top half remaining, just that was enough to stop the draconian from moving again. No, the fact that he was moving at all is abnormal though. How was he able to move?

At that moment, I suddenly had a bad premonition, and looked over my shoulder. What I saw… was Yamada-kun holding aloft a sword. Seeing him it all made sense. The one who resurrected the draconian was Yamada-kun huh!? But, how did he get here? Ah! He was teleported by that weird old man! Ugh!? I hadn’t paid Yamada-kun’s group any attention!

This is bad. What Yamada-kun is grasping in his hands, is the Hero’s Sword. A holy sword specially made by D that only the Hero can use, capable of unleashing an incredibly powerful attack just once. I don’t know the details but the previous Hero Julius was able to find it and then the third prince Leston handed the sword to Yamada-kun saying it was something passed down through the generations of the royal family. The moment when Yamada-kun was able to get that sword without knowing its origin, I had realised just how dangerous the Divine Protection of Heaven is. I guess I’ve underestimated that Divine Protection of Heaven!

I hurriedly fired a darkness bullet at Yamada-kun. But that was blocked by the barrier that Ooshima-kun had put up. Damn! Because I did it on the spur of the moment I guess it wasn’t powerful enough to break through Ooshima-kun’s barrier! Even so, I just need to punch him directly! From my perspective Yamada-kun’s is slow. My fist will definitely hit sooner. Of course, I’ll pierce right through that measly barrier!


As my fist struck Yamada-kun’s chest, right at that moment, the pope’s voice resounded. Then, my fist only bumped Yamada-kun’s chest gently, not even causing the slightest wound. A strange sensation, as if all the power of the strike had gone. Attack nullification!?

Shit! Yamada-kun has swung the Hero’s Sword. I need to be quick! I activate the Evil Eye ability in my remaining eye. At least… I tried to. Blood leaked from the eyebrow that the draconian had cut earlier, blocking my vision for a moment. The Evil Eye ability misfired.

Thus, my body was enveloped in the torrent of light that gushed forth from the Hero’s Sword, and was blown away without any trace remaining.

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Final Battle ⑳
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Final Battle ㉒