Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Final Battle ⑲

Combat shifts back to Shiro’s perspective.

Final Battle ⑲

Surprise much!? Who’d ever expect someone with just the top half of their body remaining to then rip off their own arm and fling it! That’s taking throwing away your life to the extreme! Thanks to that I couldn’t completely avoid it.

There’s not much damage. Even if it was an assault clad in Heresy Attack, a graze would never be able to cause serious damage to the soul. It would be like how it looks – a scratch. What’s somewhat annoying, is that due to the Heresy Attack it seems I can’t heal it. The cut is near my eyebrow, but it seems like the blood could trickle into my eye. Since I already have one eye crushed by Kuro, it would be somewhat frustrating for blood to get into my eye and reduce my field of vision. Well, if I ever feel like it I can close my eyes and use fluoroscopy instead, so I’m not too bothered about it really.

Still, while it’s not like I ever took him lightly, I never expected to get wounded. At first I was on guard against the Heresy Attack and focused on avoiding it, but once I thought about it I realised it would be better to defeat him right away. After all, unless they’re a god, if you blow someone’s flesh away then they are going to die. Thanks to that lengthy battle with Kuro, I got it into my head that hitting someone physically is rather pointless. I can’t avoid the impression that I wasted some time because of that. Yep, that’s right, most living things would die if you blew away half their body wouldn’t they…… It’s that draconian who was the weird one for attacking while having half his body blown away, yep.

Man, he was strong. I’m not being sarcastic – he really was strong. To carry on attacking while only having your upper body left, surely can’t be done with ordinary willpower. I even shivered for a moment there. It’s amazing that my body could do such a thing after having become a god.

Who’s that person who said that this was all done and dusted eh. I can get damaged just fine. I got wounded despite not making light of him or being careless you know. Perhaps I dropped my guard without realising it? I gotta re-focus my mind.

However, I’ve been able to get rid of the most troublesome looking draconian. I won’t be so careless as to relax and have the same thing happen again, but it’s certain that victory has gotten much closer. The remaining ones are the fire dragon and wind dragon. They’re easy to understand as they’re very Dragon™️ like dragons. Additionally, the woman the Puppet Taratekts are confronting is probably an ice dragon. She’s using ice to attack for a start. For some reason imouto-chan is also able to more than contend with the Puppet Taratekts, but I guess that’s down to the teeny dragon wrapped around her arm? These four are the ones I probably need to pay attention to. It’s in a different sense, but the other one I need to pay attention to is Yamada-kun. It’s scary not knowing what his Divine Protection of Heaven could get up to.

Also… the pope is here too, but since he’s on the verge of death I guess it’s okay. He’s collapsed while covered in blood for a start, so surely he can’t do anything. Fighting near the pope is that weird old man I see from time to time – I guess I don’t have to pay that much attention to him either. While I think he’s strong for a human, that’s only for a human anyway.

I guess I’ll start by defeating the four who might get in the way – the fire dragon, wind dragon, the ice dragon like woman and imouto-chan. A lot of the Puppet Taratekts have already fallen anyway. There’s four Puppet Taratekts remaining huh. More than half have already fallen.

I’ll start with the most conspicuous one – fire dragon, I choose you! Against the fire dragon, who is truly a very Dragon™️ like dragon and is fighting by spitting out flames while flying, I shoot some darkness magecraft. It’s like the Darkness Bullet from Darkness Magic. The power isn’t much different either.


The magecraft bullet of darkness is a direct hit, and the fire dragon falls down while screaming. The power isn’t much different to a Darkness Bullet. However, this is magecraft rather than magic. Dragons have the dragonscale line of skills that inhibit magic. Because of that I had such a hard time against Alaba, but the dragonscale line of skills cannot obstruct it because this is not magic, you see. More than half of my abilities are imitations of magic skills, so if I just used them as is then they’d be hindered by the magic inhibiting effect of the dragonscale line of skills. However, that’s only if. Since I knew that my magecraft would be hindered by them, then it just means that I have to remodel my abilities so that they don’t get hindered. Once I realised that Kuro would eventually become hostile, then it follows that the dragons would also become hostile, so I made preparations against that to avoid any mistakes.

In the same way, I made it so that attribute resistances and the like are bypassed. At her peak the Demon King had most of her attributes at the maximum nullity level, but even so I could bypass that and cause her damage. These dragons also probably have various attribute resistances of their own at the maximum level, but that’s meaningless against me. That draconian earlier obviously looked like a darkness dragon, but my magecraft was effective against him.

The dragons might rely upon their dragonscale line of skills for defense, but they have no skill that protects them against my magecraft. They probably have a weak awareness that they should avoid magic as well, so maybe they won’t be able to avoid it either? Ah, I guess I spoke too soon. Just when I was thinking that it was the wind dragon’s turn and fired the same magecraft bullet of darkness at him, he avoided it just fine. Hmm. That wind dragon is specialised in speed huh. It sure is hard to target someone flying around at extreme speeds. However! I’d be affronted if you take my aiming skills that I honed in computer games lightly! In truth, the one who played that game was D rather than me, so I’ve not actually played that game though! Believe in it! My memory! My memory of being good at that game!

Predicting the wind dragon’s movements… NOW! The magecraft bullet of darkness that I fired perfectly hit the wind dragon in the head. Beautiful.

Mu hah hah hah. Okay, let’s take them down one after another like this!


Translation notes:

Dragon™️ – in the original Japanese, Shiro is using both the Japanese word for dragon and also the English romanisation of it to highlight how they’re being stereotypical dragons.

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