Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Final Battle ⑧

Human trained ninja army vs spider trained ninja army.

Final Battle ⑧

Author’s comments: Kusama Shinobu’s (Sajin’s) perspective

Argh. Just why did things end up like this?

To be blunt, for me stuff like the fate of the world and such like is a bit too heavy, so could you do it somewhere else please? That kinda thing. Well, from the point of view of the reincarnators it’s already established that we’re involved to a crazy degree, so maybe it can’t be helped you know. Given that I’m a reincarnator plus I got parents in the dark ops of the Divine Word Religion, this feels all kinds of inevitable somehow.

My father was a rather high up guy in the dark ops of the Divine Word Religion. Because of that, or rather, thanks to that, it was exposed that I was a reincarnator when I was still a baby, and the Pope jijii rather quickly took me under his protection. Because of that I was made to take the dark ops special training and there were more than one or two occasions when I thought “fuck this shit”. Special training sure is painful. However, when I heard about the circumstances of the other reincarnators, it’s kinda understandable that I realised that despite everything I was actually rather blessed and felt grateful. If I hadn’t been under the protection of the Divine Word Religion then I’d have been confined by those elf guys, right? Screw that.

「So I’ve got my reasons okay. I’m kinda indebted to jijii and all. I don’t wanna get involved in this fate of the world business okay, but like, I can’t just run away without repaying my debt to jijii you know.」
「Is that so.」
「Yep, yep. So I’m not gonna let you get to where jijii is.」
「Then, I shall force my way through.」

Saying so the nee-chan in white clothing took out a disc (did they call them chakrams again?) and threw it.

Argh. Just why did things end up like this? Well, it’s basically because jijii picked a fight with Wakaba-san without even pausing to think about it okay. Which is why Wakaba-san’s subordinates are attacking like this and all.

I evade the chakrams flying towards me. In spite of everything, I did take that dark ops special training, and I also have the cheat skill reincarnators have after all. I might be weak compared to the likes of Wakaba-san and Sasa-yan though, but even still I’m confident that I wouldn’t lose to any old random person. I guess my problem is that my opponent isn’t some random person though.

The ones I’m confronting are Wakaba-san’s subordinates in the demon’s 10th Army. The demon elites that Wakaba-san trained herself. They’re a dangerous group who wear identical white clothing as their uniform. For them to be here, in the headquarters of the Divine Word Religion in the Holy Country of Aleius, means that they’ve invaded. Wakaba-san’s side is on the defensive, right? So why are they invading instead? I didn’t want to participate in the decisive battle in the Elro Great Labyrinth so I offered to be part of the guard remaining here. That jijii – I bet he fucking anticipated these events, right? No wonder that when I said I wanted to be part of the remaining guard, he supposedly readily accepted it and said it’s fine. I had been thinking that gee that seemed a bit too easy so maybe something will happen – and now here we are.

Most of the military forces of Aleius have gone off to the Elro Great Labyrinth. There’s only a few garrisons remaining. And also a few on the swing shift like me. Included in those on the swing shift, are a part of my father’s dark ops. The combined strength of the dark ops and the garrisons are fighting against the invading white clothes group. Our situation is basically… yikes, we got no chance. No matter how you slice it, we have no chance of winning, surely.

Every single white clothes person is damn strong. The dark ops of the Divine Word Religion are elites who have received intense special training since childhood. These white clothes are as strong as those elites, or even stronger. On top of that, they have greater numbers. If it was one on one then somehow we might have been able to deal with them, but since they have greater numbers than us, it’s hopeless. The garrison is composed of normal soldiers anyway, so they’re not that strong. They’re doing their best, but they can only stall for time. Ah-hah, hey, is this what they call a “lost battle” huh? …… I just can’t laugh it off.

Here’s where I turn the tide using my cheat like abilities! Not! If I could have I wouldn’t be suffering, but even trying that would be difficult. My opponent is the leader nee-chan of these white clothes guys, and she’s plainly strong.

Her chakram and the shuriken I threw collide. During that time I close in, swinging my ninja blade, but she guards against it with the chakram equipped on her arms. Even when I perform a great fireball technique by blowing flames from my mouth, she counters it with some kind of darkness magic. Based on our exchange of blows so far, I can tell that our abilities are about equal.

What a downer. In spite of everything I’m one who overcame the dark ops intense special training, yeah? Especially since I was forced to participate a bit when I was a baby due to being a reincarnator. Compared to Wakaba-san and Sasa-yan who became strong by overcoming life and death situations, of course I can’t compete, but even so I had a bit of confidence though. My conceit has been demolished.

「You are a reincarnator. If you tell us where the Pope is, nothing bad will happen to you.」

While saying that the nee-chan stays on guard against my movements. Our abilities are almost equal. If we really went at it, I don’t know who would win. On top of that, if we really went at it, whether we won or lost there’s no guarantee we’d come out unscathed. The other side has the advantage in this battle by far. If she plays for time the nee-chan’s comrades will come to reinforce her. Because of that, this nee-chan doesn’t have to take any risks. Because she knows that, she’s not coming any closer than she needs to. She knows that if things continue like this her chances of victory won’t weaken. That’s probably why she offered the chance of surrender from her perspective.

「I’d really like to do that too you know.」

I glance to the side for a moment. There my father is in a close battle against three of the white clothes. Before the battle had begun, my father had said this to me.

「It’s fine if you want to escape.」

Like that. Besides, jijii isn’t here anyway. I’m sorry to all you white clothes guys, but you’re just wasting your time. However, if we can keep the white clothes guys occupied here, then in turn the forces on Wakaba-san’s side are dispersed. The longer we can keep them occupied, the more we can delay when they can return to the main battle. But, even if we don’t keep them occupied as much as possible, we’ve already bought enough time as far as this place is concerned. Therefore, there’s no reason for us to fight with our lives on the line. There’s none… but…

「Well, if I don’t at least fight enough to return the debt I gained, then that would be really uncool, right.」

Likewise if a son showed his back and fled while his father was fighting with his life on the line.

「So please go gently on me.」
「I see. Then I shall come with the intent to kill.」
「Didn’t I say to go gently on me!?」

Argh. Just why do things end up like this?

The white clothes nee-chan is Felmina.

The power of a reincarnator who has trained properly = the power of the elite amongst elites who has received spider-style training.


Translation notes:

Yes this is how Kusama speaks. Very colloquial. You might want to re-read The Oni and the Ninja as a reference.

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