Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Final Battle ⑦

The perspective of the resurrection player while the raid battle goes on around him after the raid boss bugged and activated his special move at the start of combat.

Final Battle ⑦

Author’s comments: Shun’s perspective.

「Wheeze! Wheeze!」

My breathing has become rough. My head hurts as if I’m lacking oxygen. And yet, there’s no way that I can rest.


Kyouya howls. Just that alone, is enough to make the atmosphere scream like it’s being ripped apart. I don’t mean metaphorically – Kyouya’s howl is enough to shake the very air itself. In all probability, it induces the effect of Intimidation as well. If I was affected by that, I’d probably become unable to move due to the fear. The reason why I haven’t been… is thanks to the barrier formed due to Katia’s Chastity skill.

『Chastity: n% power capable of reaching the gods. Personal divine area is expanded. Forms an area whereby all forms of harm are prevented. In addition, the W System is surpassed and the the right to interfere with the MA Area is obtained.』

At any rate, the effect of the Chastity skill forms a powerful barrier, it seems. Not limited to just physical and magical effects, it can even obstruct the invisible effects of things such as Intimidation outside those categories – a tremendous barrier that surely deserves to be called an absolute defence. However, even the barrier of Chastity, can only protect us against the secondary effects from this battle.


Katia has both hands raised aloft while gritting her teeth, as if holding back the barrier. Right after that, an explosion that shook the ground surrounded the area.

Fire Dragon Guen-san’s breath attack had collided with a Kyouya’s full power strike. And, the result of that was…


Guen-san’s huge body… was bisected across the middle. Guen-san collapsed onto the ground while a huge amount of blood spurted out from the wound, and also his mouth.

「I know! Just a bit more! ……. Done!」

Darkness Dragon Reise-san urged me on, and I completed the revival that I had started work on a while ago.

「Whoah!? I could see the netherworld!」
「If you have the time to make jokes then head out to go die again already.」
「I wasn’t! I’m going though!」

Saying so, Wind Dragon Hyuvan flew off.

「Good. Then let’s go revive Guen.」

No sooner than Reise-san had said that, he carried Katia and myself under his arms and began to run. Reise-san also has considerably high status values, and in an instant we arrived at the place where Guen-san had been bisected just earlier. I immediately start using the Kindness skill on Guen-san, beginning his revival.

The battle is in a stalemate. The trio of Guen-san, Hyuvan-san and Lightning Dragon Gouka-san are confronting Kyouya, Ice Dragon Nier-san is placing a weakening curse on Kyouya from a hidden place, and when someone is done for I revive them like this. The ones guarding me in the revival role are Reise-san and Katia with her barrier. Before we had left Katia had said “please protect me”, but on the contrary it is Katia who is protecting me. But, I don’t have time to be bothered about that. Without Katia’s barrier, I would likely have been killed just from the secondary effects of this battle.


Even now, the magic swords that Kyouya is firing are causing explosions, and the exploding rocks are hitting Katia’s barrier like buckshot. Since I have to focus on reviving, I don’t have the spare capacity to dodge that. In the first place, I don’t even know if I would be able to avoid that even if I was in perfect condition. These are just the secondary effects. This fierce battle, is itself the battle that will decide the fate of this world. Fortunately, having activated Wrath, Kyouya prioritises the enemies in front of him it seems, and doesn’t look towards either Katia or myself. If he had aimed for me because I had the revival role, then I’m sure I’d have been done for at the beginning.

「Despite Byaku taking part, the battle is about even… no, we’re slowly losing ground I guess.」

Reise-san mutters that while observing the progress of the battle. While continuing to revive Guen-san, I raise my head a little.


What I saw there was Sue slashing at Kyouya. In her hands is the sword that I had brought along which is a royal family heirloom. In addition, a small white dragon is coiled around Sue’s body. That small white dragon is in fact, Light Dragon Byaku-san. An ancient dragon who possessed the sword that I had brought along which is a royal family heirloom.

「How long are you going to sulk for eh? Get to work already.」

Back when Reise-san had suddenly said those words directed at me, I was surprised when in response to those words Byaku-san came out from the sword.

「I’m not sulking or something.」
「Sheesh. Just because your favourite Hero died, don’t you think it’s bad for you to abandon your own duty?」
「I’m not abandoning or something.」
「Then get to work.」

Ignoring the rest of us who were dumbfounded, Reise-san and Byaku-san argued back and forth.

「You, girl. I’ll lend my power. You may use it.」

Then Byaku-san nominated Sue, who took the royal family heirloom sword in her hands, and went to the front line. That occurred after the first time I performed a revival on Guen-san. I hadn’t known it, but that so-called royal family heirloom sword, is in fact officially known as the Hero’s Sword, and is special equipment for the Hero or something. Or that Byaku-san was the one managing it apparently.

The previous owner of the Hero’s Sword was Julius-nii-sama, and Hyrinth-san was apparently asked to hand the sword to Leston-nii-sama if anything ever happened to Julius-nii-sama. In turn, Leston-nii-sama entrusted the sword to me. I had never imagined that it would be such a tremendous sword. However, it’s thanks to Julius-nii-sama leaving us that sword that we are currently able to fight. Julius-nii-sama……

It seems that without the Hero the true power of the Hero’s Sword can’t be used. Because of that Sue can’t use that power, but the Hero’s Sword is still incredibly sturdy. So much so that even while locking swords with Kyouya, there’s not a single nick in the blade.


Sue cuts her way in with the Hero’s Sword, but Kyouya brushes it aside with brute force. If she had had an ordinary sword, Sue’s body would have been bisected along with the sword, most likely. Just imagining that gives me the shivers. However, that didn’t happen as Sue used the Hero’s Sword to block Kyouya’s slash, and she simply took a few steps backwards without appearing to have taken any damage.

Byaku-san’s abilities seem to be concentrated on support and recovery. With Byaku-san’s support, a buff you could say, Sue’s status values have been boosted enough that she is at least able to exchange blows with Kyouya. In addition, while it is not as much as Sue who is in direct contact, the other ancient dragons have also been buffed by Byaku-san, strengthening them. Not only that, whenever someone gets injured Byaku-san immediately fires off a recovery spell, healing their wounds. It’s like having the pinnacle of support and recovery on your side. However……


Gouka-san was cut up by one of Kyouya’s swords when trying to pounce on him.

「Ugh! D, dammit all…!」

Gouka-san’s body has been bisected. With that, even a recovery expert like Byaku-san can’t treat it. Ancient dragons. These are particularly powerful legendary beings, even amongst the monsters in the mythical class. Excluding Reise-san, there are five of those ancient dragons involved in the battle. Even so, it’s still not enough.

「I’m… on it!」

I hurry up Guen-san’s revival. Invoking Kindness consumes a large amount of MP. For some time I’ve been using too much MP and am getting dizzy. Even so, there is no way I can stop. If I stopped, no, it’s not just me, if any one part came unstuck then the whole thing would collapse. I was convinced of that.

「You did it!」

Guen-san’s revival was done.

「Gr, hnn. So I was done in again huh.」

Guen-san shook his head lightly while standing up. Then, he promptly returned to the front lines.

「Then let’s go.」

We are carried under Reise-san’s arms again, heading to where Gouka-san is. During that time I took some MP recovery medicine from my pocket, downing it all. My MP recovers. However, the amount is far from enough for a full recovery. Even though it is a value MP recovery medicine, the recovery amount is small and fixed. It’s better than nothing, basically. If instead the amount was percentage based rather than fixed, I think it would be better, but unfortunately such a convenient medicine doesn’t exist.

We finally reach Gouka-san’s location, and I start the revival. I feel uneasy about my MP. If any one part became unstuck, this equilibrium which we’ve somehow maintained until now will collapse. Also, probably the first part to become unstuck, will be my MP running out. Please. Before that happens, end this fight. I’m angry at myself for only being able to cheer on everyone fighting. However, even if I get angry at myself there’s nothing I can do about my own powerlessness. In addition, there’s no sign that the battle will turn in our favour either.


That’s just how overpowered Kyouya is.

Ancient dragon power ranking: Water Dragon Eina > Wind Dragon Hyuvan > Earth Dragon Gakia > Ice Dragon Nier > Fire Dragon Guen > Lightning Dragon Gouka.

Support specialist: Light Dragon Byaku. Special category: Darkness Dragon Reise.

Water Dragon Eina: If the enemy can breathe they’ll die by drowning, if a hole can be opened then water will be sent in through there and they’ll be destroyed from the inside – all sorts of nasty tricks are available. Despite that all her status values are high, and their total value is second only to Gouka.

Wind Dragon Hyuvan: Can not only control the weather, can also manipulate atmospheric pressure to confuse the enemy. The fastest ancient dragon. Despite his subordinate like attitude he’s surprisingly strong.

Earth Dragon Gakia: Is deceased so an ex-dragon. Defensive abilities were extraordinary, enough that even the other ancient dragons would struggle to damage him.

Ice Dragon Nier: Able to change the entire surrounding region into an area of extreme cold and a cursed ground, and despite having excellent defensive abilities, specialises in a nasty way of fighting of slowly grinding down the enemy as they weaken.

Fire Dragon Guen: Amongst the top 5, an easy to understand all-rounder type. Due to that he doesn’t particularly stand out in actual combat.

Lightning Dragon Gouka: Purely focused on status values. Total amount in status values is the highest amongst the ancient dragons. Skills on the other hand are… Well, this is why he’s an idiot in last place…

Light Dragon Byaku: Making a sudden appearance in the web edition, an ancient dragon specialised in support and recovery. Doesn’t have particularly poor combat abilities, but is stronger at support.

Darkness Dragon Reise:???

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