Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Final Battle ⑥

Suddenly the name “ancient dragon” feels a bit flimsy.

Final Battle ⑥

Author’s comments: Fire Dragon Guen’s perspective

Oh shit!? I, I actually took a surprise attack of all things! Are the humans riding on my back okay!? They’ve not fallen into the magma have they!? On looking around for them in a panic, I found that the humans had been fortunate enough to land on a place with solid ground. That’s a relief, but now’s not the time for that!

Facing me is a swordsman with a sword in each hand. While he looks very similar to a human, there are two horns growing from his forehead. Considering his appearance, he must be the one called Wrath, one of Ariel’s comrades. He is an opponent that even the pair of Wind Dragon Hyuvan and Lightning Dragon Gouka lost against him together. Gouka is a simple idiot, so for him to lose could be just one of those things, but Hyuvan is a powerful warrior and amongst the fastest of the ancient dragons. I don’t really want to admit it… but Hyuvan is surely better than me. My opponent is one that even Hyuvan and Gouka together couldn’t beat. While having to guard the humans at the same time, is it even possible for me to win?


One of the humans, the Hero kid, calls out.

「……Shun, so you did come.」
「Then, I’ll show no mercy.」

Even while talking to the Hero kid, Wrath didn’t show any openings to me. If he had shown even the slightest opening then I would have sprung at him in an instant.

「I won’t wait. The time for discussion has long since passed. Which is why, since you have come here, you are my enemy, and I shall cut you down.」

Immediately following that, countless weapons appeared. Countless magic swords that had been placed inside Space Storage using Space Magic. I’d heard about this Wrath guy’s battle tactics beforehand. Those magic swords are fired, and then explode. And now the points of those magic swords… were aimed at the Hero kid and the two girls accompanying him.

Then a huge number of magic swords were let loose. You bastard! You said you were going to cut him down but that’ll blow him up!


I manipulate the surrounding magma! The tidal wave of magma swallows up the magic swords. The magic swords explode, scattering magma all around. O, oh no! The humans could die even from the droplets!

「Reise! Evacuate the kids!」
「Sure thing.」
「Eh? Yikes!?」

Reise carries the Hero kid and co behind me, as if they’re running away.

「I won’t let you escape!」
「Your opponent is me!」

I stand in the way of Wrath who is about to release even more magic swords at the kids.

「You might be better than me, but I have the terrain advantage!」

The middle layer is full of fire. In this place I can manifest my strength as a Fire Dragon to the maximum! I gather up all the magma in the area, and throw the torrent at him!

「You shall regret challenging me here!」

The difference in ability between Wrath and I should not be that far apart. With a terrain advantage that difference can be reversed. If there’s something I have to worry about, it’s the Wrath skill. However, if he activates that it’s possible that he’ll lose his sanity, so it’s a double-edged sword. He can’t activate it readily. According to what Hyuvan said, they were routed after Wrath was activated, but because he didn’t give chase that indicates that there might be a time limit on activating it. Most likely, the time during which he can keep his sanity is very short. I’ll make sure to spot the signs of Wrath being activated, and if I can endure that brief activation time, then I can win!

「……Sophia-san, when the time comes, please take care of it.」

The moment when the surge of magma engulfed him, I heard Wrath whisper that. Before I could understand the meaning…


A roar reverberated, such that it felt like your entire body was shaking. The magma burst open. In defiance of the magma that would even reduce bones to nothing, Wrath cut through it and sprang at me.


By reflex I used my breath attack. However, he ignored even that, coming straight at me! Even though he took a direct hit from my breath! As nothing had happened at all, he didn’t even slow down in the slightest! T, that’s insane!

A charge that felt so fast that even my Thought Acceleration couldn’t keep up with it. Facing a blade imminently approaching my neck, I quickly use my claws to intercept. The blade and my claws crash into each other, scattering sparks. Even that lasts just an instant, as my claws are torn to pieces, and I endure the eerie feeling of having a foreign object sink into my body. It still doesn’t stop and the blade pushes forwards, towards my head……


Before I knew it, I was looking up at the ceiling of the middle layer. I quickly put my hands around my neck. It’s there. It’s still attached. But, but, just now it was……

「Thank goodness……」

I heard a voice, and at least realised that the Hero kid was there right next to me.

「What, happened to me?」
「You had died. Then you were resurrected by the Hero-kun’s Kindness.」

Reise stood next to the Hero kid. I hadn’t noticed that at all either. I’m too shaken up.

However, perhaps that was somewhat inevitable. To think, I would actually die? Me?

When my body felt like it was about to tremble, I just about managed to suppress it with my insignificant pride.

「Where is that guy?」
「Since Hyuvan and Gouka hastened here, they’re currently in combat with him.」
「I see.」

Exhorting my body that seems about to tremble, I stand up.

「You have my thanks, Hero.」
「This is all I can do though.」
「Don’t be so humble. I am grateful that you were able to do that.」

As I see it, Hyuvan and Gouka would be fighting against Wrath without any hope of winning. I can’t see Nier anywhere, but I doubt that she has actually ran away. Most likely she is in hiding while waiting for the moment to use her special weakening skill on Wrath. However, even that, probably won’t be able to stop Wrath.

「Hero. When we die, please resurrect us again.」
「Y, yes!」
「I’m depending on you.」

To be honest, it’s terrifying to go to my death again. However, we must defeat him here. I hadn’t thought I was taking things lightly. However, he has beaten our expectations.


I had never expected, that with no fear of losing his sanity, that he would actually activate Wrath! I… will die here, probably. No, I will die here repeatedly, probably. Each time, I will be brought back to life, probably. Since being born, I have never faced such a terrifying battle.

Fire Dragon Guen: In dragon form his appearance is that of an archetypal Western dragon. He gives off the attitude of being a mega big shot, but he’s actually just posturing and in his inner thoughts he’s quick to anger and easily scared.

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