Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Final Battle ③

It’s a suicide mission but someone’s gotta do it.

Final Battle ③

Author’s comments: Water Dragon Iena’s perspective (first appearance)

Along with a large volume of flowing water, I proceeded through the upper layer of the Elro Great Labyrinth in the form of a mermaid. Good grief, just how did things end up this way. When I think back on the sequence of events that led to this, I get a headache.

「We shall use inundation tactics.」

At the advance meeting, when Dustin put out that plan the room suddenly became very still. Since even I could sense the mood in the room despite my many years without human contact, I’m sure everyone there had the exact same thought. In short, “what is this guy saying?”

「Umm, that’s, basically…」

Perhaps he sensed the mood, as Fire Dragon Guen began to speak falteringly. Guen is a coward despite being a show-off, but at a time like this he can be appreciated for taking the initiative to show leadership.

「Dustin, are you intending to make the Elro Great Labyrinth collapse?」

And Guen spoke for everyone when he said that.

The Elro Great Labyrinth connects one continent with another, a labyrinth that was built underground. Naturally, a sea lies between the two continents, meaning that it is below the seafloor. Considering the scale of the Elro Great Labyrinth, what Dustin calls inundation tactics means nothing more than opening a hole in the seafloor, then letting the seawater pour through.

Yes, yes, it’s true! If all you wanted to do was attack the enemy then it would be an effective option. If all you wanted to do was attack!

However, the Elro Great Labyrinth exists in a delicate balance. The first Ruler of Sloth spent an entire lifetime creating that labyrinth. In other words, it is a manmade object. Then open a huge hole in that unnatural place and let a huge volume of water flow in. Does this supposedly wise human representative not realise what would happen? Has he spent too many years overusing his brain and it has now started to hatch maggots?

「Have you forgotten our objective? We have to bring the Ruler skill holders to the innermost place on the lowest layer of the Elro Great Labyrinth, right? If the vital Elro Great Labyrinth collapses, then that can’t be achieved surely.」

Guen sighs with his arms folded. If you make a hole in the ceiling of the Elro Great Labyrinth, it wouldn’t be surprising if the collapse started from there and brought the rest down. In the first place it is built from a huge cavity below the seafloor. If the upper layer collapses, the middle layer, the lower layer and even our destination at the lowest layer could collapse and be buried.

「If it collapses then we shall deal with it then. We simply have to dig it up.」
「Dig it up……? It’s not so simple…….」
「You can do it, surely?」

Dustin asserts that awfully plainly. As Guen falteringly acknowledged, with the power of us ancient dragons, it is surely not impossible. However, without Earth Dragon Gakia it will sure take a huge amount of effort.

「Our enemy is the Ariel-sama. If we compare fighting Ariel-sama directly, to digging up something that has been buried, it is simple to tell which one is easier.」

Guen sinks into silence without even managing to groan. Because he became unable to offer an objection.

「Despite appearances, Ariel-sama is a sensible person. She would surely not imagine that we would resort to such drastic measures as inundation tactics. Which is exactly why we will do so.」

He has always been a man who would use every trick in the book, but isn’t this completely over the top? This is exactly what is meant by to not care about appearances.

「The nexus of the System where Sariel-sama is would surely not be broken just by being buried. If we are going to do it, then we should go in with the intent to destroy the Elro Great Labyrinth.」

At the moment I acutely felt a horrible premonition. Indeed, after all, what needs to be done is in my domain.

「So there we have it, Water Dragon Iena-sama. Please take care of it.」

Thus I am now here.

The wild monsters that grow everywhere in the upper layer, as well as the spider monsters that are thought to be Ariel’s kin are washed away all at once. While riding that stream of water, I plunge forwards with my kin the Water Dragons and Water Drakes. Through the water, comes a large tremor. It seems that somewhere has collapsed. Right now, only a small amount of water is flowing in, but if it is left alone then the amount will continue to increase. At any rate, it’s directly connected to the sea. The flowing water current will demolish the pillars and walls of the Elro Great Labyrinth, causing it to lose its support. Now then, will the upper level get flooded first, or will it collapse first? What a nasty game of chicken.

Dammit, for a scumbag, he sure is annoying. After all, he can calmly order someone and their kin to “go die”.

Putting aside myself, only a few of my kin will survive after being buried alive. On top of that, our opponents will also realise that things will be bad unless they stop us. In short, Ariel will definitely take some kind of measures in order to stop me. That scumbag, despite saying one thing with his mouth, I doubt he expects the Elro Great Labyrinth to actually collapse. He surely thinks that I will likely be stopped by Ariel.

Dammit, I hate this. My role might as well be to smash someone in the nose and then to inquire how they feel. And in the meantime, to reduce their military strength by as much as possible. Our survival isn’t even being considered. What a cruel situation.

Well, I was told by my Master Gyurie-sama to obey Dustin, so it can’t be helped. Besides, I doubt us dragons will even be able to live in this world without the System. Including monsters, there are many living creatures who will lose the ability to keep living in their current environments without skills. Also, given the fact that Taboo wasn’t handed out to us, that means we are not included in the “human” category. If the System is a device made in order to keep humans and this world alive, then I doubt that those of us who are not included in that category will get any consideration. So if we’re going to lose the ability to live if the worst happens, I guess we might as well bet our lives here. The other ancient dragons probably also feel the same. Well… maybe except that foolish younger sister of mine, Ice Dragon Nier.

Now then. It appears that I am finally going to receive a welcoming committee.

The Taratekt species has been washed away without managing to put up any decent resistance, but these white spider monsters are different. They were called the Remnants of the Nightmare or something. It appears that they believe that they can entertain me.


「Do you really believe that the likes of you can actually stop me? I sure am being underestimated.」

It is time for you to realise the power of the one who rules the oceans.

Water Dragon Iena: An ancient dragon with an unexpectedly sharp tongue. Generally found in the sea, managing it so that even by mistake humanity can never reach the other side of the sea where the ruined land is. Her natural form is that of an Eastern style dragon about 200m in length. Since that form would of course not fit into the Elro Great Labyrinth, she is fighting in the form of a mermaid. Mostly like she won’t ever get a scene where she can reveal her natural form.

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Final Battle ②
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