Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Character Introduction 2

The chapter from hell. Nai wa.

A little pre-translation note: This is more or less an extended or updated version of the previous character introduction chapter. Unlike other chapters, due to the extreme length I’ve put the translation notes inline. Also, I left in the original Japanese versions of the names as a reference.

Character Introduction 2

Author’s warning: There are spoilers. In addition, there is also behind the scenes information that has little to do with the main story.


The Reincarnators

A classroom in Heishin High School was destroyed by a mysterious explosion. The students and teacher of that class are then reincarnated into another world.

Shiraori 白織  —  nameless 名前なし
The protagonist, referred to as Shiro within the story and Kumoko outside the story, but almost never called by her real name. It couldn’t be helped that her name didn’t come out for such a long time. She is the irregular who climbed up from the weakest class of spider monster by using fighting spirit and determination to ascend all the way to godhood. While she is a reincarnator, unlike the other reincarnators she was not originally human. In fact she is a real spider used as a substitute for D (in the guise of Wakaba Hiiro 若葉姫色), with her memories transplanted. She knows the secret of her own birth, knows the truth about the world and is currently busy with various activities. Overall she is the Tertiary Perpetrator. For the troubles in modern era, she is the Primary Perpetrator. Is that really okay, protagonist?

Translation note: “Perpetrator” – in the sense of causing things to happen. Potimas is the overall Primary Perpetrator and D the Secondary. In other words, most of the world’s problems are due to Potimas, or if not him then D, or if not her then Shiro.

Sophia ソフィア  —  Negishi Shouko 根岸彰子
Daughter of the lord of the Keren territory in the country of Sariera. Born as a vampire true ancestor. Having been dragged into the war between the Goddess Religion and the Divine Word Religion, she lost her parents and was about to be killed by Potimas when she was picked up by Shiro and the Demon King. Afterwards, she grew up magnificently while on a trip referred to as the spider-style training camp. She grew up so magnificently it’s likely her dead parents looking on would probably turn over in their grave and faint. She takes part in various activities as a member of the Demon King Army working under Shiro. Due to her appearance before reincarnating she spent the springtime of her life being bullied and isolated. Due to that her personality became somewhat twisted. On discovering she had a beautiful appearance after being reborn she was like “my time has come!” but what actually awaited her was a turbulent era.

Wrath ラース  —  Sasajima Kyouya 笹島京也
Born as a goblin in a corner of the Magic Mountain Range that separates the human and demon territories. He lived a humble life as a goblin, but his village was attacked by a contingent of humans lead by the summoner Buirims. Nearly all the goblins in the village were killed, and he himself was enslaved by Buirims and forced to be a subordinate. Due to the feelings of anger from that time he acquired the Wrath skill. After he dominated Buirims in turn, he rampaged around due to the Wrath skill. After he evolved into a Kijin he fought with Sophia, and regained his sense of reason as a side-effect, and has been working as a member of the Demon King Army since then. In his previous life he was one of Shun’s close friends, and possessed a sense of justice that hated anything not fair and aboveboard.

Shun シュン  —  Yamada Shunsuke 山田俊輔
The 5th Prince of the Anareich Kingdom. Inheriting the dying wish of the then Hero Julius, his elder brother who was born to the same mother, he became the Hero. But, due to the schemes of a certain spider he is an unfortunate person who was framed for a crime, forced to fight and so on. Even so, after he pressed on without getting depressed he had Taboo installed. What will Yamada’s future be!? Before he reincarnated he gave off the feeling of an average person who didn’t stand out. His one redeeming feature is in games, and due to skipping his studies to focus on spending the springtime of his life playing games he became a bit of a loser. Putting it another way though, being able to be average despite playing games all the time, you could say that his hidden specs are high. On reincarnating those hidden specs exploded massively. But while they did, all sorts of misfortune came his way due to a certain spider.

Katia カティア  —  Ooshima Kanata 大島叶多
The noble daughter of a duke in the Anareich Kingdom. She was originally male but is now female. She is working hard in order to support Shun, a close friend since her previous life. While working hard she became attracted to Shun, and on the occasion of the coup d’état in the Kingdom she turned completely serious. She was originally male yet is now like a carnivorous female with her eyes on the prize. In his previous life, because he was pushed around by his two carnivorous elder sisters, he gained a distrust of women. However, he also had a girlish side that embraces the illusion known as love. As a result, this gender-bent carnivorous female burst out. Just why did this happen? What will Yamada’s future be!?

Firimes フィリメス  —  Okazaki Kanami 岡崎香奈美
Born as the daughter of the elf patriarch in the Elf Forest. Like the protagonist, she is more likely to be referred to as “sensei” than by her real name. She was the only adult amongst the reincarnators, and was the classroom teacher. She is considered to be the daughter of Potimas, but in fact she was a high spec elf at birth due to the adjustments that Potimas made. She is more or less the daughter of one of Potimas’s clones. She is a pitiful person who was manipulated by the “Student List” skill granted to her due to a certain Evil God thinking that this would make things more interesting, and was further put to good use for Potimas’s ends. Having a strong sense of duty from being a teacher she did her best to go around taking her students into protection, but the end result was the opposite. As she herself has said, she believes that she wouldn’t be able to properly interact with her pupils if she didn’t develop a persona, and she is a timid person to the degree that if she hadn’t had the sense of duty of what an ideal teacher should be like she wouldn’t have been able to accept the reality of the different world she had reincarnated into. In a sense, she is the number one victim amongst the reincarnators, and also the number one aggressor.

Yuugo ユーゴー  —  Natsume Kengo 夏目健吾
The prince of the Rengzand Empire. He became warped due to not having anyone around him who understood his circumstances, not having anyone he could trust due to the troublesome political situation inside the Empire, and not having had any dissatisfaction about how he had lived his previous life. Then he was used by a certain spider. Persistently aiming for Shun, he became the criminal who threw the world into a maelstrom of chaos. In his previous life, he was hated by many due to being the type who was somewhat egotistic and would also not hide his true thoughts, but his frank attitude attracted even more people. Although Shun was indiscriminately hated by him due to them not being able to get along, he was a nice enough guy to be the leader of the boys. If he had been able to enter university, work in part-time jobs and enter society as an adult, he would likely have experienced a smooth and successful life. At the time when he first met Shun after reincarnating, if he hadn’t tried to avoid Shun due to being aware that they didn’t get along in their previous lives, and if his hard to understand SOS had been noticed, perhaps the end result could also have been different.

Translation note: “and if his hard to understand SOS had been noticed” – putting it another way, Yuugo was mentally distressed but couldn’t bring himself to admit it and nobody spotted the tell-tale signs due to his attitude.

Yuri ユーリ  —  Hasebe Yuika 長谷部結花
An orphan from the Holy Country of Aleius. She was abandoned in front of a church. Having partial awareness of the incident due to being a reincarnator, she remembers the moment when she was abandoned, and that became a trauma for her. Perhaps in order to overcome that trauma, she completely devoted herself to the doctrine of the Divine Word Religion, and before she noticed she had become a candidate for the next Saint. In her previous life she was a completely normal high-school student. She enjoyed a bittersweet springtime of her life, such as having a small secret crush on the likewise completely normal boy in the seat next to her, so what did she do wrong to end up reincarnated into another world? On finding that the boy she had had a crush on in her previous life had become a prince she was in high spirits, but it was short lived and she experienced things like being turned into a pawn due to Yuugo’s brainwashing, being trod on and being kicked. In both the web edition and the published edition she had little presence, and amongst the reincarnators who weren’t confined in the elf village she is probably the most unfortunate.

Fey フェイ  —  Shinohara Mirei 漆原美麗
Her name only appears in the published edition. In the web edition she is simply amongst those confined in the elf village. Her confession to the senpai that she liked was rejected because he liked Wakaba Hiiro, so out of resentment she led the bullying of Wakaba Hiiro. Those around Wakaba Hiiro (ie D) could somewhat perceive how dangerous she was, and they tried to stop Mirei’s actions. She is a regular member of the S-series in the published edition.

Kunihiko クニヒコ  —  Tagawa Kunihiko 田川邦彦
Born in a village on the border between the humans and demons that took bandit-like actions against the demons. In order to defeat Merazofis, the leader of the demons that destroyed that village, he became an adventurer and gained fame. While he accomplished his heart’s desire of fighting against Merazofis in the Human-Demon Great War, he was unable to overturn the overwhelming difference in strength, and withdrew. He keenly felt his own lack of ability. Afterwards he went to the elf village, and got dragged into the war between the elves and the Demon King Army. In his past life, apart from maintaining his delicate but inseparable relationship with his childhood friend, he was a completely normal highschool boy. Being stuck with that inseparable relationship with his childhood friend after reincarnating, is some kind of fate.

Asaka アサカ  —  Kushitani Asaka 櫛谷麻香
Born in a village on the border between the humans and demons that took bandit-like actions against the demons. In short, the same village as Kunihiko. Due to her appreciating reliable and realistic things, she took on the stopper role against Kunihiko’s idiotic tendencies. She became an adventurer together with Kunihiko and gained fame. While she truly wants to live peacefully and without fighting, she took up arms for Kunihiko’s sake. According to Kunihiko, “If Asaka wasn’t around I wouldn’t be able to survive”. Go explode forever you bastards. She has been in an inseparable relationship with her childhood friend Kunihiko since her past life.

Translation note: “Go explode forever you bastards” – a reference to the “normies, go explode” meme.

Sajin サジン  —  Kusama Shinobu 草間忍
Born to a family that serves in the dark ops of Holy Country of Aleius. Due to that connection, the pope noticed that he had a strange skill shortly after birth, and he became the trigger for the existence of the reincarnators being known about. After his birth, he participated in the dark ops training, distinguishing himself due to the influence of the unique Ninja skill he was born with. But, because he had an easy-going nature from the start he is fatally ill-suited to the dark ops – a regrettable ninja. In his previous life he was treated like a gofer due to his easy-going nature. Even now he’s acting like the pope’s gofer, so there’s not much difference.

Ogi オギ  —  Ogiwara Ken’ichi 荻原健
Born in the Holy Country of Aleius. Because he had a unique skill that was a more advanced version of telepathy, he became a stooge for the pope, sent into the elf village as a spy. His task is to report on the livelihoods of the reincarnators in the elf village. At the time of the attack on the elf village, he failed in his attempt to poison them and keep the other reincarnators pinned down and out of the battle. He was beaten up by Asaka. In his previous life he was a member of the soccer club and had a wide circle of friends.

?  —  Kudou Sachi 工藤沙智
One of the reincarnators held captive in the elf village. The former class-rep. She was bought with money by the elves as a baby, and has lived there the whole time since. Because of those circumstances she often hits out severely at sensei. Since she was previously the class-rep, she is like the leader of the reincarnators in the elf village. In her previous life she was a closet fujoshi. Because the elf village was lacking in entertainment, she came out of the closet about that fact to the other girls. Due to her activities to preach the rotten faith, all the girls in the elf village became fujoshi.

Translation note: “Fujoshi” – literally “rotten woman”, ie a woman who enjoys reading about love between men, or shipping them.

?  —  Sakurazaki Issei 桜崎一成
Deceased. A close friend of Natsume who understood him well. After reincarnating, he was killed by Potimas who realised the danger of his unique skill. Having been reincarnated in the Rengzand Empire like Natsume, he would likely have met with Natsume again after growing up due to the social standing of his parents. In fact, he had the highest specs of all the reincarnators, surpassing Shun, and his unique skill was very strong. That backfired upon him and he was killed off.

?  —  Kogure Naofumi 小暮直史
Deceased. Unfortunately the village he was born in was attacked by monsters and he passed away. A crybaby who would burst into tears over every little thing. He also cried when he was put in charge of the classroom pet.

?  —  Hayashi Kouta 林康太
Deceased. Unfortunately had an accident and died. A former member of the table tennis club who became a different person when holding a racket. Normally he was a quiet boy who didn’t stand out.

?  —  Aikawa Ren 相川恋
Her name only appears in the published edition. One of the reincarnators held captive in the elf village. Contrary to her name, her combined age in her past life and this life equals her time spent without a boyfriend.

Translation note: Ren (恋) means “love”.

?  —  Tsushima Masaru 津島勝
His name only appears in the published edition. One of the reincarnators held captive in the elf village. A member who receives supplies from the elves. While doing so, he worries about why the girls have intense expressions when he is seen talking with elf males.

?  —  Maki Shuuto 槙将羽登
His name only appears in the published edition. One of the reincarnators held captive in the elf village. Despite having the name “Shuuto”, he was a former member of the baseball club. Because there is a high percentage of girls in the elf village, he feels uneasy.

Translation note: “Shuuto” sounds just like “shoot” in Japanese, which would frequently be used in soccer.

?  —  Iijima Aiko 飯島愛子
Her name only appears in the published edition. One of the reincarnators held captive in the elf village. In her previous life she was a flamboyant high school girl, but in this life she has converted into a fujoshi……

?  —  Segawa Touko 瀬川柊子
Her name only appears in the published edition. One of the reincarnators held captive in the elf village. In her previous life she was a girl besotted with pure love shoujo manga, but in this life she has become a fujoshi who has indecent delusions about relationships between boys……

?  —  Temari Kawasaki 手鞠川咲
Her name only appears in the published edition. One of the reincarnators held captive in the elf village. She is in fact Buirims’s daughter. Has likewise converted to a rotten path……

?  —  Tonooka Kumiko 外岡久美子
Her name only appears in the published edition. One of the reincarnators held captive in the elf village. An extremist who is scheming to somehow have the elf males make a move on Tsushima.

?  —  Nanase Chie 七瀬千恵
Her name only appears in the published edition. One of the reincarnators held captive in the elf village. Couldn’t care less about converting to the rotten path. Or at least, that’s what she thought long ago. Before she realised it she was stuck in the swamp. The rotten path is fearsome.

?  —  Furuta Mio 古田未央
Her name only appears in the published edition. One of the reincarnators held captive in the elf village. Secretly in love with Maki. But, she also puts that aside for her erotic rotten delusions.


The Demon King’s side

The army of demons with the Demon King being the leading figure.

Ariel アリエル
The current Demon King and the oldest Divine Beast in the world. A living witness to the history of the world from before the System was put into operation. She decided to become the Demon King due to the incident that caused the reincarnators to be reincarnated into this world which also caused the amount of MA Energy to precipitously decline, and also because she felt that her life span nearing its end. In order to save her foster parent Sariel, she fulfilled her duty as the Demon King, and defeated Potimas. Originally she was one of the victims of Potimas’s human experiments and was treated as a failed product. Considering that she was created as a chimera using Potimas’s genes, it could be said that she is a daughter of Potimas. Due to being a failed product, she suffered for a long time from defects in her body, but because of the System’s power she gradually got better. Starting from there and over the span of many years, she attained the greatest strength in the entire world. In order to defeat Potimas she used up almost all of that power though, and now all she can do is to live out what little remains of her life.

Merazofis メラゾフィス
The commander of the 4th Demon King Army. Originally he was the right-hand man and valet of the lord of the Keren territory in the country of Sariera. Having been caught up in the conflict between the Divine Word Religion and the Goddess Religion, he became a vampire due to Sophia when she was almost about to be killed by Potimas. Since then he has worked under the Demon King together with Sophia, and after distinguishing himself in the Demon King Army he rose up to become an army commander. While he has the rank of an army commander, he gives maximum priority to his ojou-sama in Sophia. Having sworn an oath of allegiance to the now deceased lord and lady and having inherited their dying wish, he puts in great efforts every day in order to become a man who can protect Sophia.

Balto バルト
The right-hand man of the Demon King. The person who in practice is keeping the demons all in one piece. A wordly-wise man. At the time when he was putting strenuous efforts into trying to do something about the demons who were declining in various ways such as population decrease, Ariel was inaugurated as the Demon King, and with her proposal that “we shall invade the human territories” he was driven into an even greater dilemma, turning him into a pitiful person who has constant stomach pains. He works so hard that Shiro fears he might die from overwork. Do your best.

Argnar アーグナー
The commander of the 1st Demon King Army. Deceased. A veteran demon who put in strenuous efforts to save the demons though in a different way to Balto. However, he was marked by a certain spider, and although he did as he was told and was undoubtedly one of the most capable demons around, in the end it seemed like he was discarded and was crushed by a Queen Taratekt.

Sanatoria サーナトリア
The commander of the 2nd Demon King Army. A voluptuous woman who is a childhood friend of Balto. From a household of succubi who use their good looks and techniques to manipulate others to do their will. Distrusting the current Demon King Ariel, she comes up with various schemes hoping to catch Ariel off guard. However, she is not aware of the fact that Ariel overheard all of them and that Balto has been covering for her.

Kogou コゴウ
The commander of the 3rd Demon King Army. Having a personality that dislikes conflict, he feels that he doesn’t particularly want to obey Ariel who is proactively seeking war. Egged on by Sanatoria, they are attempting to see if they can cause a revolt.

Darado ダラド
The commander of the 5th Demon King Army. Due to being born and raised in a family that swears by absolute allegiance to the generations of Demon Kings, he will abide by any plan that the Demon King comes up with. For that reason, he repeatedly clashes with the other army commanders who distrust the Demon King, causing a volatile atmosphere.

Hyuui ヒュウイ
The commander of the 6th Demon King Army. Deceased. A youthful army commander who wields magic. Fearing Ariel from this bottom of his heart, he made a mistake about when to retreat, and was defeated by the mage unit of the Empire lead by Ronant. His death came when Ronant’s magic shot through his head.

Blow ブロウ
The commander of the 7th Demon King Army. Deceased. Balto’s younger brother. Due to being raised while admiring his elder brother Balto from behind, he couldn’t accept that Ariel had suddenly been inaugurated as the Demon King, and strongly opposed the plans that would drive the demons into a predicament. His last moments came when he fought with the Hero Julius one-on-one and lost.

Felmina フェルミナ
Originally an ojou-sama from a good family. After taking action in order to try to remove Sophia who was doing whatever she likes in the demon academy, she was condemned by Sophia’s followers. After losing her social position she was picked up by a certain spider and reforged, and appointed as a subordinate. Due to that sequence of events she hates Sophia. While she is grateful towards Shiro she is unable to honestly respect her considering the current situation of the demons. Due to having an incomplete understanding of the current situation, she is similar to Balto in having stomach pains every day. She is capable but tends not to stand out much.

Waldo ワルド
Felmina’s ex-fiance. The son of a good family. A brave man who was strongly attracted to Sophia and as a result of pledging allegiance to her, he was allowed to become a vampire. Love is blind. Despite already having a fiancee in Felmina he threw her away, and was prepared to throw away his own position and everything in order to win over Sophia. Currently he, Sophia and Felmina are all working under Shiro. Somehow this love-triangle is like a minor scene of carnage.

Jigris ジグリス
An ex-follower of Sophia. A teacher at the demon academy. After breaking away from Sophia’s charm, it seems he’s reflecting upon his actions.

Kara カラー
An ex-follower of Sophia. Something like a rival to Waldo.

Nitara ニタラ
An ex-follower of Sophia. The younger brother of army commander Hyuui. After his elder brother died in the war and having broken away from Sophia’s charm, the shock was so great that he has become a shut-in.

Shivy シヴィ
An ex-follower of Sophia. Having broken away from Sophia’s charm but having not lost his admiration for her strength, he took a calculated risk to follow Sophia in joining Shiro’s army.

Warkis ワーキス
The ex-commander of the 7th Demon King Army. Deceased. Judging that there was not enough resources for the demons to fight the humans, he planned a coup d’état to topple the Demon King. Shiro picked up on his actions beforehand, and the uprising was suppressed before it started due to Blow.

Ael アエル
A type of monster that is called a Puppet Taratek and are Ariel’s subordinates. She was placed in the headquarters of the Divine Word Religion for communication with the pope. In the published edition, her siblings Sael, Riel and Fiel appear.

Queen Taratekt (Mother) クイーンタラテクト・マザー
A gigantic spider monster from the Elro Great Labyrinth. The real mother of Shiro in her current life. When she tried to use the skill called Kin Domination on Shiro, her mind was devoured in return instead.

Queen Taratekt (Elf Forest) クイーンタラテクト・エルフの森
The Queen Taratekt that was in the Elf Forest. She prowled around the elf village, as a restraint on Potimas. During the elf village battle she was beaten by one of Potimas’s weapons.


Anareich Kingdom

The people of the Anareich Kingdom.

The King of Anareich アナレイト国王
His real name is Sirius. His name appears in the published edition’s chronology. Deceased. The father of Shun and Julius and the king of the Kingdom of Anareich. He was neither a foolish king nor a great king but an ordinary king, for better or worse. He cherished his family, treasuring his children and wives. During normal times he would likely have been able to rule safely, but due to the schemes of a certain spider he had the pitiful last moments of being murdered by his own daughter.

Cyris サイリス
The First Prince of the Anareich Kingdom. The eldest son of the queen and thus first in line to the throne. If nothing unusual had happened he would have become the king, but Julius who was the child of a concubine became the Hero, and Julius’s younger brother became the next Hero, so due to his impatience with his other siblings gaining in fame, his personally gradually became twisted. Having inherited the ordinary qualities of his father, his reputation was entirely one of being neither good nor bad. Due to participating in the scheme of a certain spider he staged a coup d’état.

Leston レストン
The Third Prince of the Anareich Kingdom. A prince born to a different concubine than Julius and Shun. Abandoning his duties as a prince and behaving wildly was a pretence he faked in order to appeal to others that he had no interest in the throne. He made use of the spare time that gave him to sympathise with the true world peace that the elves touted. While he had once lost his life during the coup d’état staged by Cyris, he was resurrected by Shun.

Raylecia レイレシア
The First Princess of the Anareich Kingdom. The elder sister of Julius and Shun, born to a different concubine. She is currently married in a foreign country. Her name appears in the published edition’s chronology

Sue スー
The Second Princess of the Anareich Kingdom. Born to the queen, like Cyris. Her real name is Suelecia. Since she and Shun were born at almost exactly the same time, they were brought up together. While doing so, she got up to all sorts of tricks with Shun, and as a result of unconsciously idolising him as an older brother, her feelings towards Shun eventually crossed the line between an older brother and younger sister. As a result of having the raw talent to even rival the reincarnators, she came to be considerably hated by her true elder brother Cyris. Her talent got her marked out by a certain spider, and she was used. Having now being released from various things, the yandere younger sister has been unleashed. What will Yamada’s future be!?

The Queen 王妃
The mother of Cyris and Sue. Being obsessed with political power, she made plans to place her own son Cyris on the throne. There are plausible rumours circulating that the mother of Julius and Shun might have been assassinated on the orders of this queen.

The Third Princess Consort 第三側妃
The mother of Julius and Shun. Died shortly after Shun was born.

The First and Second Princess Consorts 第一、第二側妃
The mothers of Raylecia and Leston respectively.

Anna アナ
A half-elf attendant who has served the royal family for successive generations of kings. Like a foster parent to Shun and Sue. As a first-class magic-user, she is an attendant who will fight to protect royalty in time of need. Having feelings of guilt starting from when the brainwashing on her came undone, she is accompanying Shun to the elf village. During the elf village battle she received a fatal wound, and was resurrected by Shun. That became the trigger for Shun’s Taboo skill hitting max level.

Clevea クレベア
Like Anna, an attendant who exclusively serves Shun and Sue. In her past she was a heroine who served the kingdom as a knight, and has a muscular body that seems unbelieveable for a woman. She retired due to age as a pretext, but during the coup d’état she and Leston came running together to help.

Duke and Duchess Anabald アナバルト公爵夫妻
The father and mother of Katia. A duke who has a strong influence in the Anareich Kingdom.

Palton パルトン
A classmate of Shun at the academy. The son of a knight. Actually, in the original plan he was going to accompany Shun on his journey instead of Katia, but it was tossed.

Oriza オリザ
A teacher at the academy. A middle-aged magic-user with little motivation. Actually, in the original plan he was going to accompany Shun on his journey instead of Anna, but it was tossed. In the original plan there was going to be no female presence except for sensei, so it was going to be a trip full of guys! Or something like that.


Rengzand Empire

The people of the Rengzand Empire.

Sword Emperor 剣帝
The ruler of the Rengzand Empire. Yuugo’s father. While he had skill in government, his ability with a sword is average despite being the Sword Emperor. A pitiful person who is being underestimated because the previous Sword Emperor was too great. As a result he is being treated with contempt by the other nobles of the Empire, and is suffering under that weight. In the end, he was brainwashed by his own son and had his real power stolen. In this world maybe royalty tend to suffer misfortune?

Ronant ロナント
WEIRDO. The chief of the imperial court wizards. The most prominent magic-user in the world, an amazing person who has even mastered Space Magic. Yet, he’s still a WEIRDO after all. He’s probably the strongest genuine human around. As Julius’s master, he was somewhat concerned about him. At the beginning he was supposed to have a trivial role, but he got going as one of the established characters unnoticed. Right now he’s one of the major characters. Wow, these WEIRDOs are amazin’, right. However, he was totally ignored by Shiro.

Aurel オーレル
An imperial court wizard. Second only to Ronant, and is Ronant’s Apprentice No.2. Originally she was the daughter of a low-ranking noble, and originally entered Ronant’s service as an attendant, but became an apprentice before she noticed, and became an imperial court wizard before she noticed. For herself the situation is like “How did all this happen!?”. Amongst the imperial court wizards, even her elders refer to her as “nee-san”. Then, while surrounded by the WEIRDOs in the imperial court wizards, her marriageable age came and went.

Ronant’s apprentices ロナントの弟子たち
Ronant’s apprentices. Despite displaying the same eccentricities as their master, they are stalwarts who were trained hard enough by their master that they developed a bitter opinion of him.

Buirims ブイリムス
A summoner who participated in a unit from the Imperial Army. Not only does he have great ability as a summoner, he is a skilled leader who is also a first-class warrior. Despite that, he failed in the mission to confirm and subjugate a powerful monster in the Elro Great Labyrinth. That monster, a certain spider, annihilated the contingent and he barely escaped alive. Forced to take on the responsibility by himself, he was relegated to the Magic Mountain Range. Some time after being relegated he found out that his daughter had been kidnapped, and while attempting to achieve a great feat that would somehow allow him to return to the Empire he raided a village of goblins. As a result, he triggered Wrath’s Wrath skill and was murdered. A victim who was tossed around by the reincarnators.

Nyudoz ニュドズ
A general in the Imperial Army. Deceased. A virtuoso swordsman who was called the Sword Saint. An old veteran who bestrode battlefields together with the previous Sword Emperor. Combined with having an excessively hot-blooded character, he is a lively old man who was always shouting in a loud voice. His original social standing was low, and he was shunned by the nobles because of that, but he was loved by his subordinates. He was defeated by Wrath in the Human-Demon Great War and killed in action.

Teeba ティーバ
Only appears in the published edition. A general in the Imperial Army.

Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team エルロー大迷宮異変調査部隊
A contingent of knights who were dispatched from the Empire, tasked with the investigation of an abnormality in the Elro Great Labyrinth. They generally consisted of the second and third sons and so on of nobles who had little chance to inherit. The first people to officially make the Nightmare of the Labyrinth known to the world.

Goto ゴトー
An A-ranked adventurer in the Empire. One of the few survivors of the unique ogre extermination.

Negg ネッグ
An A-ranked adventurer in the Empire. Made a mistake during the unique ogre extermination and died.

Rukusso ルクッソ
An adventurer in the Empire. Brought information about the unique orge to the guild.

Kohan, Agiris, Kuwas, Regen コハン、アギリス、クワン、レゲン
Adventurers in the Empire. Made mistakes during the unique ogre extermination and died.


The Hero Party

The members of the party led by Julius.

Julius ユリウス
The Hero and Second Prince of the Anareich Kingdom. Shun’s elder brother, born to the same mother. Deceased. A hero-like Hero who possessed both a noble spirit and kindness. Shun didn’t get caught up in power struggles because was always admiring his brother as he grew up. As the Hero, he was highly active in trying to save as many people as possible. But, having lost his mother at a young age, and having been defeated by the Nightmare of the Labyrinth and such like, he had also experienced frustrations. He was troubled by the gulf between his ideals and the reality, but he still tried to pursue his ideals. Even though he crushed Blow during the Human-Demon Great War, he lost to Shiro and was killed in action. The muffler he used as a memento was passed on to Shun.

Hyrinth ハイリンス
A childhood friend of Julius, and the successor to a prestigious noble family. Performs the role of the shield of the party, stopping the attacks of the enemy with his own body. Being childhood friends with Julius he is aware of his disposition, and their relationship is one of being close friends and comrades in arms. Being the only survivor of the Hero Party, he is taking action together with Shun. In truth he is actually one of Gyurie’s clones. He has been watching over Julius and Shun from the shadows.

Yana ヤーナ
The Saint who serves Julius. A specialist in Light Magic and Recovery Magic, she serves as the rear guard in the party. She loved Julius, and made advances on him constantly, but he smoothly evaded her. While Julius had also noticed Yana’s feelings, he thought that since he was chasing his ideals and always participating in fighting then he wouldn’t be able to make her happy if they married, so he wasn’t able to respond to her feelings. She died together with Julius during the Human-Demon Great War.

Jiskan ジスカン
An ex-adventurer. The eldest member of the Hero Party, having a wealth of experience. For that reason, while he often argues with Julius, when things get critical his position is more one of an adviser stating his opinion. Having mastered various weapons, he is a battle expert and skillful warrior who will change his way of fighting to match the situation. He died together with Julius during the Human-Demon Great War.

Hawkin ホーキン
An ex-thief. Although he was a thief, he was actually the kind of chivalrous thief who would rip off money from vicious nobles and merchants. Julius found him after he had been caught and was just about to be turned into a slave, with the end result that he joined the Hero Party. His combat ability is the weakest in the Hero Party, but because he’s well versed in the dark side of society, he’s a semi-support member who aids Julius’s actions from the shadows. He died together with Julius during the Human-Demon Great War.


The others

Other people who live in various regions.

Potimas Hyphenath ポティマス・ハァイフェナス
The elf patriarch. The Ruler of Diligence who has survived since before the System was put into operation. In general he is the Primary Perpetrator. In general he is the Primary Perpetrator. This is important, so it is mentioned twice. He discovered MA Energy before the System was put into operation, and he is the main reason why the planet was driven to the brink of collapse. His goal is perpetual youth and longevity. Being entirely focused on not wanting to die he threw the world into a maelstrom of chaos. Both a genius and a natural calamity. He evolved himself into a new species known as the elves, and is continuing his research in order to achieve true perpetual youth and longevity. After the System was put into operation he was threatened by Gyurie to behave himself, and being frightened of that he shut himself inside the barrier. Even so, he got up to various things behind the scenes leading to the current situation. He was defeated by Ariel in the elf village battle, and finally extinguished. While suffering from an obsession of never wanting the end to come, the end finally arrived. Conceptually, he is the worst possible small-fry.

Translation note: “Both a genius and a natural calamity” – a bit of a pun since “genius” (天才) and “natural calamity” (天災) are both read as “tensai” in Japanese.

Dustin the 61st ダスティン六十一世
The Pope of the Divine Word Religion. Even after dying he inherits his memory after reincarnating with his Temperance skill, and is the Ruler of Temperance. Using that ability he has been supporting the humans from behind the scenes since ancient times. While he is given a new name by his parents each time he reincarnates, on becoming the pope he assumes the name of Dustin. After trying to sacrifice Sariel to save the humans in the past, he is willing to sacrifice anything if he can accomplish his mission of saving the humans. Due that strong will he has been taking action for a long time. While being the head of a religion that worships god, he is a cool-headed statesman who will not even hesitate to kill a god. Even Gyurie and Ariel admit that mentally he is a monster.

The Divine Word Religion Dark Ops 神言教暗部
Humans within the Divine Word Religion who are given code names like A6, I4 and so on. An elite group who work as the pope’s hand and feet, who will at times throw down their lives unhesitatingly. They are all special forces that are masters of the art.

John Keren ジョン・ケレン
The lord of the Keren territory in the country of Sariera. Sophia’s father. Deceased. His name appears in the published edition. An excellent lord of the Keren territory that borders the country of Otsu. Taking up opposition against the country of Otsu due to the monster they referred to as the Nightmare of the Labyrinth, he got dragged into a war. He tried his best to avoid the war, but since the country of Otsu was backed by the Divine Word Religion for their own motives, he was politically isolated, lost the possibility to escape and died. On the verge of death he entrusted Sophia to Merazofis.

Seras セラス
John’s wife and Sophia’s mother. Deceased. Merazofis loved her. A pious believer of the Goddess Religion, she was convinced that the Nightmare of the Labyrinth was a Divine Beast. A warm and easygoing naturally airheaded beauty. Devoted to her husband, she failed to notice Merazofis’s feelings – a sinful woman. Wanting to be with her husband until their last moments, they passed on together.

Noiria ノイリア
An attendant serving the Keren family. She was given the duty of fleeing together with Merazofis and Sophia, but she was killed in an attack from the elves.

Basgas バスガス
An elder guide who operates in the Elro Great Labyrinth. Having more complete knowledge about the Elro Great Labyrinth upper layer than any other, he is a first-class warrior and resourceful guide. After encountering the Nightmare of the Labyrinth, that became a trauma for him and he retired as a guide. Afterwards, feeling there was some kind of fate he became a guide for Shun and co. Incidentally, he hasn’t exploded.

Goief ゴイエフ
A man who works as a guide in the Elro Great Labyrinth. Basgas’s son. He has acted as a guide for Julius and co in the past. While he has considerable talent as a guide, he refused to be a guide for Shun and co who were on the wanted list.

The Previous Sword Emperor 先代剣帝
His real name is Reigar. A fine old man who retired and handed over the throne of the Sword Emperor to his son. If Ronant is the strongest in magic, then he is the strongest with the sword. Despite being overwhelmingly inferior in status values, he was able to use his finesse to compete with Wrath even with the Wrath skill activated. But, in his last moments he was unable to fend off Wrath and was defeated.

Gordo ゴルドー
An adventurer in the Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team. His name appears in the published edition.

Rekin, Onjin, Gaikun, Joria, Justo, Burdon レキン、オンジン、ガイクン、ジョリア・ジュストー、バードン
Adventurers in the Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team. Their names appear in the published edition.



The happy monsters.

The frog, that’s all!

the siblings 兄弟
There’s lots of them! But almost none survived!

Translation note: This is referring to Kumoko’s spider siblings.

Elro Pekatot エルローペカトット
The strange creature that takes an active part in the manga edition.

deer 鹿
A guy who only showed up in Appraisal. Briefly appeared in the 2nd volume of the published edition.

bat 蝙蝠
A guy who only showed up in Appraisal.

A guy who only showed up in Appraisal.

petrification lizard 石化蜥蜴
The Basilisk. The first experience of the terror of petrification.

the three good buddies 三匹仲良しこよし
The bunch who are always together in groups of three. Unfortunately for them, they don’t gain wisdom as a trio.

centipede ゲジ
There’s lots of them. They’re crawling all over the place. Gross, nasty.

small rock turtle 岩子亀
Just like its name, a turtle with a rock. Even young ones are quite big and tough.

mouse ネズミ
They’re not like something from some fairy tale. Definitely not.

A rather dangerous monster amongst those in the Elro Great Labyrinth upper layer. Big, long and thick.

Worker bee. Why are such dangerous creatures like the Asian giant hornet living in Japan? Who knows.

Earth Dragon Alaba 地龍アラバ
During the first encounter it was not a nice opponent. If this was a game, it would at the level where you throw the controller in disgust.

Greater Taratekt グレータータラテクト
A big member of the spider army. Strong.

praying mantis 蟷螂
Praying mantis style with six bladed arms.

snail insect タニシ虫
Don’t eat it okay!? Absolutely don’t eat it okay!?

mysterious creature 謎生物
A walleye pollack. No, ignore that.

pillbug ダンゴムシ
A pillbug with the head of a mouse. If these appeared in a fairy tale the children would cry.

Avenger. Absolutely does not forgive those who kill their brethren. Ook.

huge monkey 巨猿
These things aren’t monkeys, okay…. More like they’re definitely descended from Saiya-jin.

Earth Dragon Kaguna 地龍カグナ
Guys like this should definitely not appear at the start of the story. Demand to see the designer!

seahorse タツノオトシゴ
Be bitten by the terror of the terrain! They’re excessively cute in the manga edition.

catfish ナマズ
Cute. The idol of the middle layer.

They’re cute as expected. Aren’t there too many cuties in the middle layer?

Some kind of weird sphere.

fire frog 火蛙
A frog that has adapted to fire. Frogs are a bit too amazing, hey.

eel ウナギ
Not cute. Also strong. Long, big and thick.

Fire Drake 火竜
Not cute. They also swarm. They’re strong, but they became victims. Victims that fell to the threat known as inflation.

Translation note: Inflation in the sense of exponential character growth.

Fire Dragon Rendo 火龍レンド
Like the Earth Dragons, a guy so nasty you’d also want to send a complaint to the designer. Despite that, was crushed by the protagonist at the start of the inflation period. This is definitely strange!

Earth Drake 地竜
A dinosaur from the upper layer. Didn’t the dinosaurs go extinct…?

Earth Dragon Geere 地龍ゲエレ
An athlete-like dragon.

Earth Dragon Fuito 地龍フイト
A jack of all trades and master of none-like dragon. If it had reached adulthood it might have become like Alaba.

Arch Taratekt アークタラテクト
A dangerous member of the spider army. If faced normally it’d normally be strong, but it was entrapped by an underhanded technique and killed.

A delicious monster from outside the Elro Great Labyrinth.

Wind Drake 風竜
The master of the mountain that readily challenged intruders to its turf, only to be easily crushed.

Water Drake 水竜
Caught like a fish.

Water Dragon 水龍
Caught like a fish.

the babies ベイビーズ
The Remnants of the Nightmare. They’re not mother-cons okay, they’re just full of filial piety okay.

Earth Dragon Gakia 地龍ガキア
The leader of the Earth Dragons. Amongst the monsters the strength is first-class. Yet, that didn’t work against the Demon King who was outside the norm.

Worker ants. They were simply minding their own business underground yet they were wiped out.

robots ロボ
They’re monsters? They’re not actually monsters but they’re somewhat similar, probably.

goblins ゴブリン
An excessively noble combat style group. They have a custom of handing over flower amulets for those warriors who have passed away.

ogre オーガ
A somewhat strong humanoid monster. For goblins to be strong, this world is strange indeed.

Ice Dragon 氷龍
The guardian of the Magic Mountain Range. Yet another one that’s so strong you’d want to complain to the designer, yet the furious ogre was much worse.


The Past Arc

The people who appeared in the past arc.

Potimas Hyphenath ポティマス・ハァイフェナス
In general he is the Primary Perpetrator.

Ariel アリエル
A victim of Potimas’s human experiments. Having a constitution where she had to keep eating easily digestible food, and having a body that produced toxins that were eating away at it, she was born with serious defects as a living creature. For that reason, it was unavoidable that she spent her days in bed.

Kura クラ
One of the children gathered at the orphanage who were victims of Potimas’s human experiments. A blind boy who was the eldest amongst the orphans. Later he was the first Hero and also the first Ruler of Patience. He continued to battle while crying tears of blood, yet he saw out his life without killing humans.

Natalie ナタリー
A child from the orphanage. A girl with slightly pointed ears. The prototype for elves. Later she was the first Saint and the first Ruler of Charity. She supported Kura, and continued to heal the injured.

Gob ゴブ
A child from the orphanage. A timid boy with green skin. His nickname is Gob-gob. Knowing that he had a short life span, he fought in order to protect the other children. In doing so he received a flower bookmark from Ariel, but the day never came when he could return it to her.

Foddway フォドゥーイ
A donor who contributed to the Sariera Society’s funds. He was an authority in the financial world, but he became a vampire during a certain incident, and was forced to retire from the world stage. Later he was the first Demon King and the first Ruler of Pride. He turned people into vampire troops, and tormented people for a long time.

Dustin ダスティン
The President of the country of Dazdoldia. He continued to reject MA Energy, forbidding the use of it within his country. After the System was put into operation he was busily engaged in gathering the people together. Later he became the Ruler of Temperance. His physical body died around that time, but his spirit spanned across many generations to continue to protect the people.



The gods.

Gyuriedistodiez ギュリエディストディエス
The Black Dragon. His nickname is Gyurie. Before the System was put into operation he was a young dragon. He had flexible thinking because of that, was then marked by Foddway, and eventually his way of thinking diverged from that of the dragons. However, precisely because of that he was stuck between a rock and a hard place with regards to the humans the dragons and Sariel, and while being unable to decide what action to take the situation changed around him. He has continued to regret that he couldn’t make a choice, yet he still chose to allow himself to be swept along without making a choice.

Sariel サリエル
A stray angel. Since ancient times and before mankind developed civilisation she has continued to perform her mission to protect the primitive creatures. However, while watching over mankind she started to deviate from her mission, and she started to give priority to mankind. She is unable to understand her own feelings, and can only think mechanically and with underdeveloped emotions. Later on she would cause tragedies to be amplified. Currently she forms the nexus of the System, used in place of a battery. Because her energy has been continuously exploited for many years, she is on the verge of death.

the dragons 
A bunch who has gotten up to all sorts of things. The supreme race (LOL). However, because there were only weak lower-ranking dragons on the planet the story is set on, even the strongest of them couldn’t beat Sariel. While it is true that the strongest dragon was crushed by Meido-san in the past, that simply shows how strange Meido-san is.

The god of the end. Self-proclaimed Evil God. Overall she is the Secondary Perpetrator. Being especially strong even for a god, she is a pillar amongst the gods of the highest rank. She created the System with the motive that it seemed interesting, but despite presenting a method to save Sariel and the planet, she is the cause of Gyurie suffering for a long time. Despite all that, once she completed her updates to the System, there weren’t really any dramatic developments so she lost interest and neglected it. The explosion was more or less her just deserts. It was intolerable that the other reincarnators got caught up in it. Shiro, who overall is the Tertiary Perpetrator, was originally created by her as well. She shakes up the story just for the sake of shaking it up for herself looking on as a spectator, and is the worst trickster. Incidentally, she is the perfect example of Potimas’s ideal of perpetual youth and longevity. Thus, no matter how hard you try it is impossible to overthrow her. She is a god who will see with her own eyes the end of the universe, thus the god of the end.

Meido-san 冥土さん
The strongest god. A woman dressed as a maid who drags D around telling her do her job. She seems gentle in appearance, and is a Yamato Nadeshiko type beautiful woman who is well suited for wearing Japanese clothes. Yet she wears maid clothes. Incidentally, she simply wears them as her hobby, and it’s not like she is D’s maid. Her position is that of a highest rank god like D. In pure combat terms she exceeds D and is the strongest god. She’s one of the few who are able to physically silence D and put a stop to her antics. However, it’s D’s quality to be able to evade her supervision, escape and get up to no good – such an annoyance. Because she focused on combat strength to the very limit, she is weak at other things. It’s not like she can’t do them though. While her subordinates tell her “please sit still” and treat her like a hindrance, it’s not like she can’t do them. Definitely not. If you read “218 A maid appears” again, you might see a different side to her.

Translation note: A “Yamato Nadeshiko” type woman is like the Japanese equivalent of “an English Rose” – a beautiful woman who displays the feminine virtues of old Japan.

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Past Reflections: Gyurie
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Oshiete D-sensei! Lesson 3