Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Assemble ①

When you don’t even know the basics about the people on the other side.

Assemble ①

Author’s comments: Shun’s perspective continued.

We have come to meet with the Pope to convey our intention to fight in the Pope’s faction in the battle. Of course that includes Katia who had hardened her determination to join in the battle earlier than me, as well as Sue who had indicated her intention to participate.

「If nii-sama is going to participate, then of course I will.」

So she said. Maybe I don’t have the right to say this about others, but is such a reason really okay? Well, as Katia said, only the person themselves knows how heavy their will is. I’m sure that Sue has a resolute will within her.

And so, we’ve now come for our meeting with the Pope, but on reaching the room there was a sharp air of tension permeating the place. The one giving off that vibe, was the person sitting in front of the Pope.

「You are…」

That person reacted to my voice, and turned to give me a glance. At the same time, the two people sitting next to him turned around and slightly raised a hand.

「Tagawa. Kushitani-san.」
「Hi there.」

They were Tagawa and Kushitani-san, who should have been at the elf village. When I took a good look, I noticed Kusama and Ogi stationed behind the Pope. We took a seat after being prompted.

「How did you get here?」
「With this person using Teleport.」

On saying so, Tagawa turned his attention to the person sitting in front of the Pope.

「Allow me to introduce you. This person is the Hero, Shurein-sama.」
「I know.」

On the Pope’s introduction, I gave a light bow. In contrast though, this person responded looking bored.

「I am Ronant. Your brother’s teacher.」

Ronant-sama. The chief of the imperial court wizards in the Empire, Julius-nii-sama’s magic teacher. In addition, at the time when the executions of Leston-nii-sama and co were published, he is the person who counterattacked us when we tried to infiltrate the Kingdom’s royal castle. Perhaps because I remember that, I put myself on guard right away.

「Ahh, no need to go on guard like that. I’m pretty much an ally here.」

Ronant-sama waved a hand dismissively, looking annoyed.

「An ally, huh?」

I listened doubtfully. Even if the Imperial Army were being used, they still obeyed Yuugo. And, behind Yuugo were the demons, that Demon King Ariel. There’s no evidence that this person doesn’t have some kind of connection with that Demon King Ariel.

「Well, naturally. I admire “that person”, but being told to die isn’t something I could agree to.」

Ronant-sama said that sullenly.

「That person?」
「The Nightmare of the Labyrinth. No, maybe it would be easier to understand if I said Shiro-sama.」

Shiro. According to what was published in the World Quest in Taboo, that’s the name Wakaba-san commonly goes by. But, the Nightmare of the Labyrinth?

「You may know this already, but the Nightmare of the Labyrinth refers to a spider monster who once appeared in the Elro Great Labyrinth, regarded as mythical class in danger level. In addition, it is considered likely to be the same being as Shiro-sama.」

At the Pope’s explanation I unconsciously raised my voice in surprise. I remember Basgas-san talking a little about the Nightmare of the Labyrinth when he guided us through Elro Great Labyrinth. That was, Wakaba-san? This was a surprise not just to me, but to Katia and also Tagawa and co.

「Shiro-sama is not alone in that regard. There’s also Wrath-sama, though to you I think it would be easier to understand if I said Kyouya-sama. He is also the unique ogre who was observed in the area known as the Magic Mountains.」

Unlike us who had lost our voices in shock, Ronant-sama let out a voice full of curiosity.

「Did Wakaba-san and Sasajima both start at monsters then?」

While leaning back on his chair, Tagawa exclaimed that while breathing out. Kyouya and Wakaba-san, both started in completely different circumstances to us. In that case, I could see why they might side with the Demon King faction. Perhaps because they experienced something I can’t even imagine, that’s why they don’t think the way they used to in their previous lives. Despite that, I told Kyouya and co, “does that mean we gotta toss away our sense of values from Japan?” didn’t I. When I think back on Kyouya’s expression at the time, I feel disconsolate.

「Then, Riho-… I mean Sophia as well?」
「She is in yet another category, but has also led an eventful life.」

Tagawa asks the Pope about Sophia. This guy… just now he almost referred to Sophia as “Rihoko” didn’t he.

「The sequence of events is that she was engulfed in the war between the countries of Sariera and Otsu, then taken into Ariel-sama’s protection when she had lost her parents and hometown.」

That is, something else. What an awful series of events. While I have only been able to hear a brief summary of the main points of her situation, just that alone is enough for me to imagine that it was a cruel situation. So from Sophia’s point of view the Demon King Ariel is her lifesaver huh. Well then, naturally she would cooperate with her.

「Then who is Merazofis?」

Tagawa piles on with more questions. It seems to me that for Tagawa, this is the one he really wants to know about.

「He was a servant to Sophia-sama’s parents. It seems that during their escape he was turned into a vampire by Sophia-sama.」

I unconsciously raised my voice in shock.

「Indeed. Sophia-sama and Merazofis-sama are vampires. Sophia-sama in particular is the only True Ancestor since the first generation Demon King Foddway.」

There was so much additional information that I was left speechless. Or maybe I should say, this person sure knows an awful lot about many things.

「Humph. As expected from you.」

Ronant-sama snorts at the Pope while fixing his gaze on him.

「However, having information about your opponents is one thing, but whether you can win or not is another matter. What are our chances of winning?」

Ronant-sama fixes his gaze on the Pope with a sharp glint in his eyes. J, just what I’d expect from Julius’s teacher. The air of intimidation is tremendous.

「We will win.」

In response though, the Pope answered without showing any hesitation.

「Very well.」

Saying so, Ronant-sama stood up.

「In that case, I shall display my strength to its fullest.」

He then held out his hand to the Pope. The Pope also stood up, and grasped the hand back.

「In the end I was unable to become her student, so instead the only thing to do is surpass her on my own.」

So saying, Ronant-sama gave a bold smile.

「Then, I want you to use that Space Magic of yours to scrape together as much military strength as possible.」

To Ronant-sama, the Pope smiled sweetly while saying that. In an instant, the smile dropped off Ronant-sama’s face, and he looked aghast.

「Y, you! Am I just a courier to you…?」
「This is something that only Ronant-sama can do.」

To use Ronant-sama, the peerless chief of the imperial court wizards in the Empire, as a courier. What an extravagant usage to put him to.

「Dammit! Let’s do it then!」

Instead of refusing that, Ronant-sama consents. It seems he might be a bit desperate though……

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