Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 292 – Elf Village Battle ②

Are we there yet?

292 – Elf Village Battle ②

I see the Demon King off, and while at it instruct the Puppet Taratekts to each move according to their own judgement. If I need to keep moving in step with these guys, I won’t be able to take action freely. Based on the ability of the robots seen just now, even these guys should be able to deal with them. Well, there’s no way I can think of these robots as being the most dangerous things in his armoury, so it wouldn’t be at all strange if something terrible turns up though. The Puppet Taratekts are as smart as anyone else anyway, so I’m sure that if they feel that it’s too dangerous then they’ll withdraw. Hmm. Go ahead and raise hell. Meanwhile, I’ll do as I please.

That being said, what shall I do first? The top pick would be to go off and secure the reincarnators. For the moment the reincarnators don’t seem to be in any danger, but if I secure them then I’ll be able to guarantee their safety.

The second pick would be to keep reducing the elven forces. Basically to go around and whack every last one of the robots. To put it simply, I feel that would be the best. Apart from the robots, the normal elven forces are on a level where just the Imperial Army and Demon King’s Army can manage. If the robots aren’t here then the elven forces are not much different from normal humans with a bit more magic ability included. Even though they have the advantage of location, while they are fighting with the Imperial Army, once they receive a surprise attack from the Demon King’s Army to their flank, they’ll be helpless. Or rather, the Demon King’s Army has vampire girl, oni-kun and Mera anyway. Just those guys alone will be able to trample down the elves.

And so, for the elven forces apart from the elves themselves, in other words the robots hidden underground, I think I’ll go exterminate them. If I can manage that somehow then we’ve basically won. As for the reincarnators, well, since the bile sisters are there, it’ll be fine to leave them alone for a while. Now then! It’s time for some R-O-B-O-T H-U-N-T-I-N-G!

And the moment I think that, the ground starts splitting open all over the place, and a large number of robots come out from there.

Crank, crank. Erm? Isn’t that a lot? Yeah, loads! With a quick glance, there’s definitely at least 10,000 of them though!?

Woah. I thought they were fragile, but they were mass production general purpose robots then huh. Having 10,000 robots that are each about equal to a dragon, that sure would be a threat to the people of the world. The violence of numbers is scary.

Anyway, a certain familiar jijii is being attacked by those robots. Yep. It’s the well-known jijii from the Empire. That jijii is without doubt the strongest human in the Empire, or rather, he’s strong enough to be nearly the strongest human around, but it seems that even he is having a hard time against those robots which are about as strong as a lower class dragon.

Hrm. What’s to be done here? While he could be called an acquaintance, it’s not like I ever had much to do with him anyway, so I don’t have to help him. Well, whatever. I need to scrap all the robots that have come out anyway, so I’ll just do it in passing, just in passing.

I activate magecraft on all the robots surrounding the jijii. Instead of choosing the darkness magecraft from last time, I selected space magecraft. The robots are swallowed into another dimension, and there my waiting clones will start disassembling them. In doing so, I’ll chew up all the energy from the power source that propels the robots. It’s precious energy for a start, so I’ll have it collected in order to utilise it properly. It sure seems that absorbing external energy is one of my strong points. Apparently, it’s not normally possible to readily absorb wild energy. I can do it though so I’ll use it.

The jijii was able to defeat one robot, but he’s suffered such a serious injury that it’s almost a double knock-out. I’ve come this far, so just in passing I quickly perform treatment.

「Oohh! You are………………………!

The jijii shouts out something but I ignore it and go on to hunt the next set of robots. Yep. I had remembered. That once that jijii starts talking he goes on forever. I don’t have time right now for such a long talk. Therefore, ignore, ignore. I’ve consumed pretty much all the robots in the region around the jijii, so I’m sure he’ll be able to return by himself.

I go around tossing every last robot that I come across into the other dimension. Kusama-kun was being chased around by robots so I rescued him. There’s robots appearing around the Taratekt squad, but the Queen is there so I can put off doing something about them.

Then, while I’m doing my best dealing with the robot army, I spot the scene of vampire girl and oni-kun bullying Yamada-kun’s party. What the heck, guys. Yamada-kun seems to be holding his head and floundering around or something though. Eh? Doesn’t that look bad? The way he seems to be suffering looks rather abnormal, so did vampire girl and oni-kun do something to him? On top of that, I took my eyes off him for a minute and Natsume-kun has died! What the heck!? I had planned to knock him down later so that sensei could punish him properly though!? Why is he dead!? It rather seems like a bunch of unexpected things have occurred, so I guess I’ll go take a look.

I move to where vampire girl and oni-kun are by teleporting. Thereupon, there’s zombies rampaging around that are probably being controlled by vampire girl, and Ooshima-kun and Kuro who are fighting hard trying to protect Yamada-kun who has collapsed and is convulsing.


While moaning, Yamada-kun notices me, and utters that name. Then, like a puppet having its strings cut, he loses consciousness. It doesn’t seem like he’s died, but considering his state just now I can’t be careless. Anyway, I better check his condition, and treat him.

Thinking that, I take a step forwards, but a certain person stands in my way. With the fallen Yamada-kun behind her, thrusting a sword before me with a desperate expression on her face, is Ooshima-kun. Hrmm. I’m basically trying to save Yamada-kun here, but if you come at me with that “I’ll die before letting you pass!” attitude, it’s troubling. Right next to the strangely acting Ooshima-kun is Kuro, but when I glance my head towards him, the bastard ignores me. Instead he lines up along-side Ooshima-kun. Like this, instead of Kuro, I guess he’s acting as Hyrinth in this place? Hrm, hrmm. If Kuro is taking that attitude, then I guess it’s okay to assume that there’s nothing urgently wrong with Yamada-kun that requires action?

In which case, I guess there’s no need to rush things. First of all, I guess beating down the ringleader behind this chaos comes first, yeah.

「I wonder why? Is it just my imagination or is there a really bad aura coming off of goshujin-sama, perhaps?」

It’s not your imagination, my dear vampire girl. I bet you’ve done something unnecessary! Come on, spit it out quickly! What did you do!?

「Please don’t make such a reproachful expression. I haven’t done anything, okay? Goshujin-sama, I don’t think it’s good to one-sidedly decide that whenever something happens that it’s my fault.」

That’s a lie!


Translation notes:

With regards to Ronant’s two lines of … think of the first line of him being happy and surprised to see Shiro and the second line being him dumbfounded to see her immediately leave. Or something like that.

“That’s a lie!” – probably a reference (in words if not in tone) to the uso da! meme.

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