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237 – Many events makes flag management a pain

S, so hectic! This is because, after I sealed up Kuro, all sorts of situations have been piling up here, there and everywhere. Dealing with those is what’s hectic.

Firstly, ogre-kun has done as I predicted, and has arrived at the protected area after crossing the mountain range. That instant, an insanely strong ojii-sama challenged ogre-kun, and currently that has developed into a life or death struggle. From what I’ve seen, ogre-kun should have vastly higher status values, but the ojii-sama is using preeminent swordsmanship to continuously dodge ogre-kun’s attacks. Oh my, this ojii-sama is dreamy. So dreamy in fact, that I think it’s a bit of a shame that he has to leave the stage in a place like this. However, the wearing away of his soul is in a critical condition. As things stand, with the damage accumulated to the ojii-sama’s soul, it’s at the level where I wonder whether he can reincarnate again. I can’t begin to guess what has happened for it to become so bad. Against ogre-kun he’s fighting bravely, but with a one-sided defensive battle it seems unlikely he can turn the tide. So then, once he has lost to ogre-kun, I shall shelter his soul.

At the elves’ place, there’s been some small developments. A new reincarnator has been brought in and isolated. However, it’s apparent that he is different to the other reincarnators there, as there’s marks of him being trained you see. It’s certain that he’s supported by some patron. Or rather, I’ve seen him somewhere before. Ah yes, at the Divine Word Religion’s place. Which means, that he’s a spy for the Divine Word Religion huh. I guess he has no orders to take action for now, so I don’t need to check his movements. Depending on the situation, I might have to silence the big shot from the Divine Word Religion who sent that reincarnator in. I need to pay careful attention.

Next, developments in the demon territory. It’s starting to become quite lively in developments here too. Firstly, the hoodlum has officially taken command of the 7th army. Going hand in hand with that, the position of the 4th army’s sub-commander that the hoodlum occupied then became open, and Mera was installed. Wow, what a shock. Mera, you sure have gained success in the 4th army, though plainly. Well, he was brought up together with the vampire girl, so I’m sure he’s much stronger than your average demon anyway. So his quick success in life makes sense to me. The Demon King didn’t intervene for Mera it seems, so I’m sure it’s purely down to Mera’s own achievements. I’m genuinely impressed.

Argnar’s situation is the same as always. Sometimes the elves are caught in a trap, and sometimes instead we leak information about inconvenient demons and they’re erased by the elves. Though saying that, perhaps the elves have also slightly suspected the reason for our leaks, and their movements are starting to become passive. If they’re starting to behave themselves then that’d be perfect, but I get the feeling they’re plotting something so we can’t be careless.

I met the other army commanders under the pretext of being an agent of the Demon King. The 2nd army commander, had boobs. I don’t feel like I can beat those heavy weapons. If I hadn’t heard beforehand that she was a succubus, and a woman of peerless beauty, then I might have reflexively wrenched off her bust. That’s how my first impression was, though her words and manner also corresponded to her looks. An erotic bearing and charming words. A devilish woman, basically. Still, even though she might be a succubus, from my point of view I can only see her as another demon. When I investigated it later, there is a legend I found that her ancestor had mixed with a succubus, and now she’s mostly a demon. In my opinion, perhaps over the generations they were made to acquire seduction skills from a young age, or at least they were educated along those lines. In practice, her words and manner certainly do give that impression, but when I tried observing it seemed somehow fishy. Amongst the alluring behaviour, there’s an occasional sense of calculated actions to outwit the opponent from time to time. Even so, I don’t get the sense that she’s assertively doing that with the intention to get the upper hand. Possibly, at heart she might actually be pretty serious and timid person you know. Hmm, what’s with that. I’m being a bit, or rather, very stingy. The only splendid thing about her were those boobs, so I don’t feel the need to be particularly cautious of her. Even for that acting of hers which would crush mine, I think I probably don’t need to worry about it. If she does something suspicious I can just cut her down immediately, but I guess even if I ignored her instead it wouldn’t become a big problem.

The 3rd commander is, umm, outrageous. A pacifist and coward. Yet it seems he’s the commander because his underlings are strong. The commander isn’t too happy with that either, and in practice it’s really the subordinates who are moving the 3rd army. It seems that those subordinates are a bunch of stupidly honest soldiers who were attracted to the commander’s character. Muscle-brains, so to speak. Watching them is just a waste of time.

The 5th army commander is, a samurai? When I said I was an agent of the Demon King, I was treated to the greatest hospitality. I was passionately spoken to with lines like “to be able to meet you is a service itself to her majesty the Demon King”. It didn’t feel like he was lying at all, and he doesn’t seem to be the type who can express himself through force of personality either. Due to his family’s policy, it was predetermined that he would serve the Demon King from a young age, and it seems he gained that personality because of that. On top of that, since the previous Demon King disappeared, he lost the opportunity to serve the Demon King until now, and due to that it seems his zeal is overflowing with unnecessarily pointless enthusiasm. It’s good, I guess…? Yup. Well, if his enthusiasm to be useful to the Demon King is for real then that works too.

The 6th army commander, is a little boy. When I asked, I heard he’d only very recently become the commander. He’s apparently a genius magician. I’m not too sure apart from that. I was only able to get a small amount of time, so I didn’t achieve much more than seeing his face. So far he’s not made any suspicious movements though, so it seems that the monitoring can continue from now on without too much worry.

The 8th and onwards have withdrawn to the back regions of the demon territory and are not coming out, so they’re ignored. Actually, despite their name it seems they’re not really worth being called an army. No more than regional guards. Those that aren’t around aren’t a problem.

Inside the demon territories the biggest problem, is the vampire girl. That girl, is forming a fucking reverse harem. What for? For sucking blood. What the heck. That vampire girl is fucking sucking the blood of her reverse harem members. Well, she’s a vampire so it’s hardly a mistake to do that though you know. But, I didn’t gave out such an order either.

A problem has even occurred in the human territories. At the time when I was finally about to complete my monitoring system in the human territories, I was able to discover sensei. Somehow, it seems she’s going to school. In addition, there’s likely several reincarnators there. I can only see this being trouble.


Translation notes:

The “flag” in the title is specifically in the sense of “death flag” and other such flags.

The succubus “race” seems to be a different race to the demon “race”, rather than a subset.

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