Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 226

226 Secret manoeuvres, secretly manoeuvring, secret manoeuvres

The delinquent entered.
The spider left the room.

「Wh-!? She disappeared!? Is this Space Magic!?」

Though I thought I heard it, surely it’s just my imagination.
Unlike Balt’s serious feeling, I can’t handle this hooligan looking man.
I avoided him completely, when I return he should have gone back.
One of the ways to get along in adult life is to avoid pointless quarrels.
It’s definitely not because I was scared by that bastards appearance.
I’m not crying.

I secretly observe the man using the eyes of the clone I left behind in the room.
The man who froze for a while, began searching the room lightly.
He looks under the bed and opens up the closet.
No, I didn’t hide in that sort of place.
Don’t look for me in a location which I clearly can’t enter.

Hey, wait, isn’t my underwear in there!?
Ah, it was closed swiftly.
Ooh, wonderful bright red.
Is he pure contrary to his appearance?
Ah- No, I get the feeling he’s rather strict despite having a street appearance.

The man left the room in the end without being able to find me.
Though I couldn’t be found because I wasn’t there, my clone could’ve been found.
Well, I can do whatever I like even if I’m found.
Because it’s dangerous to return immediately, let’s pass time somewhere until the excitement cools down.

Since I have the opportunity should I go and study the matter I left unattended?.

Crossing into a different space, I came to the the Elro Great Labyrinth.
Between the upper and middle layer.
The place that I made a base for a period of time.

There is a den and a huge object.
The cast off shell of a Queen Taratect.
She the one who’s soul I pulled out when I deified.

One of my parallel wills was once lodged in this queen, but now it is soulless in a a death like state.
A soul death, where the brain doesn’t die.
Although the body lives, because the soul has died, it ceases being a living thing.

In the body of the Queen, I inject a small amount of soul in the form of a clone.
But I don’t let it activate yet.
When I make such a large one activate and it moves, I think that the energy consumption will jump up a stupid amount.
I’ll usually leave it in suspended animation and let it activate when I decide how to use it.
Though I cannot expect it to be very useful against Kuro, it is a monster of the strongest class in this word and I think that other than the aforementioned Kuro, it can’t be dealt with.
Well, because it something like my concentrated power on a cast off shell, it doesn’t have the benefit of skills either so it will be different from it’s original strength.
Did it become slightly weaker?
However it should still have the power of a high class dragon which should be sufficiently useful in this world.

For the other Queens, let’s leave them to the Demon King.
A soul should still faintly remain in the other Queens.
I only succeeded in taking over this one and one other, another was still on the way.
Though there is already a soul dead Queen suffering from suspended animation, it is too far away and because I haven’t been there once, I can not transfer.
I’ll have to leave it for a while.
Because they didn’t become soul dead, the other Queens should still be alive.
Though it will be weakened greatly, it’s still a very menacing creature with a large mass.

Is this about it for a Queen?
I move to the next place by transfer.

I’ve come into a forest.
The forest of the Elves that I discovered with a clone.
In front of a barrier that exists around the centre.

Although I investigated it to some extent with my clone, I thought I should confirm it with my main body after all.
Thus, I observed the barrier carefully.
Yep, this wasn’t made by a skill.
The limit of the power that the system gives has been exceeded.
Even the Demon King who is very close to limits of status can not break this barrier.

No matter how you think of it, this barrier is operated by using MA energy.
Otherwise it would be impossible to maintain a barrier with this output.
Why does Kuro leave this?
I don’t understand.

Should I break it now and destroy the generating device right now?
Mmm, however the world’s situation seems like it’ll move awfully fast if I do.
Is it that my present lazy life, er rather, that I may lose my lead time, isn’t a situation that I welcome very much.
I observe from all direction with clairvoyance, there seem to be a lot of enemy Elves.
If the barrier breaks, will it be a sound thrashing?
Well, as for the Elves, the barrier does not seem to be their only trump card either and it could also be there pattern where things get reversed.
Even if it falls down, I think there will be a large-scale battle.

I might disturb the Demon King who is pushing forward preparations for war.
I can not yet block the Demon Kings way.
As a result, I may arrive at my aim if a lot of dead people appear, so that it won’t be noticed by Kuro, I have to pretend that I’m following the Demon King’s will to the very limit.

If I attack the Elves whom Kuro leaves alone.
It will definitely be noticed.
Is it safe to stop?

However, coming here, doing nothing and then returning is-
I should be able to let a clone creep inside the barrier to see how it turns out at least.

I search the surroundings.
There it is.

Though there are also a few Elves outside the barrier, it was there.
I think that is an outside patrol.
In that, I aim at the small group of moving people.

3 people.
They don’t notice me.
I open my eyes and open my Evil Eyes.
Just now, the group of 3 elves didn’t move as if they had hardened.
I imitated the Static Evil Eye and make the movement of the other party hard.
I approach the group of 3 and begin to make them open their mouth by force.

I put a ball the size of a ping-pong ball into their mouths and make them swallow it.
This is fine.

I take a distance from the group of three and cancel the effect of the Evil Eye.
The group of 3 returned back to the watchtower as if nothing happened.
The good thing about this Evil Eye is that whilst under it’s effect, no memories are left behind.
Whatever I do, so long as the opponent is under the effects of the Evil Eye, they can not resist at all and won’t remember at all.
Even if I scribble on their face they won’t notice unless someone points it out or they look in a mirror.

With this, at least one among those 3 should enter the restricted area beyond the barrier.
The egg in the stomach will hatch and a clone will be born inside the barrier.
If that happens, it’ll be ours.
Because it’s not necessary to cause a commotion, the parasite will crawl out of it’s host’s mouth without killing them whilst they sleep.
I was satisfied with my good work and returned to the mansion.

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 225
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