Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 221

221 Vampire-child observation Diary

We didn’t have any problems after meeting the Ice dragon.
But on the very last day, that guy appeared!


My trauma #2
#1 is Alaba
The fear of the crowd of swarming monkeys is unforgettable.

That natural enemy of mine has appeared.
And then, fiercely attacking as soon as they find me.
Wai– Hey!
Your status is too high, even breaking beyond the Demon King’s!
You look like someone who’s troublesome to deal with.
I’ll run away!

With that said, I’ll flee from the monkey.
I thought of leaving this to the Demon King, but she joined me and escaped.
Later, I heard her saying 「That’s troublesome」
Ah, it seems like the Demon King thought the same thing I did.

I finally felt the mountain range getting cold.
From here on is the Demon territory.
The Demon race dominates this area instead of the Human race.

Even if I say that, there isn’t much change from the Human race territory.
I don’t know what she imagined, but the Vampire child looks dejected after seeing the surroundings.
I understand what’s in the vampire child’s imagination somehow, but I would be troubled if that scenery had developed.
After all, she’s expecting a scene from hell.
In the first place, having a cloud covering the region all year round would make it impossible for people to live there.
The crops won’t grow and there will be none to go up against the Human race.
`This is why children having honest dreams is troublesome.

On that respect, I see things more realistically.
Fu, the mature me is looking forward to something else in this Demon race territory and that is a specialty dishes that can’t be found in the Human race territory.
At a glance, it’s not different from Human race territory, but you can see that the climate and the geological features are slightly different, there should be a original product here.
Fufufu, I’m looking forward to seeing those as yet unseen products.
I will taste them all.
Oops, I’m drooling.
Eating out, errr rather, the travel to the Demon King’s castle is going well.
Just like in the Human race territory, there were no unfavorable events so it was doing well.
Peace is nice isn’t it?

There is a girl who dislikes the atmosphere for some reason.
It’s the vampire child.
Since we entered the Demon race territory, she was disappointed by the appearance of the demons, by the street, and even by the monsters.

Well, I know that feeling, I do feel that I want to say that the Demons are disappointing.
Those fellows aren’t happy being born with an appearance close to the Human race either.
Don’t judge the book by its cover.
Yup. I’m a good girl.
Eh? It’s not about that?

The vampire child seems hungry.
She may not be aware of it, but her instincts grow, pile up and will show up someday.
I want her to raise her level as she grows up, but all the monsters we’ve encountered are being dealt with me or the Demon King, recently, the vampire child’s gaze at monsters is unusual.
It’s the eyes of a thirsty beast.
In fact, the characteristics of a vampire is that they feed on the living, you can say that she’s thirsty.
She’s a vampire after all.
They do suck blood after all.

But, the vampire child has only sucked blood once.
Because she’s a true ancestor, she doesn’t need to drink blood.
It may not be necessary, but it does not mean she can’t.
Even I don’t need to sleep since I turned to a God, but I sleep every night.
Because It’s happier that way.

It’s the same with the Vampire child.
It’s normal for vampires to drink blood.
A vampire child that does not suck blood is abnormal, maybe she’s unaware of the accumulating stress?
It’s not possible for the vampire child to be unaware that she’s a vampire and think that she has never drank blood even once.
The vampire child did suck Mera’s blood, she should remember the taste.
You could call her first taste of success.
At that moment, the door to her vampire instincts should’ve opened.

That’s why, after not being able to suck blood for several years, she  has accumulated considerable stress and now her instincts are showing up on the surface.
She’s weakened.
I had thought that the vampire child strengthened herself during our travels.
She won’t lose to some ordinary monster.
After all, I want to aim for perfection when raising her.
I’m the type who’s particularly thorough with this.
Since all I did in my life was to survive, I was not able to rest that much
If possible, I want to raise her status to the max, and raise her level afterwards.

Then, it would be good to release her fighting instinct.
For now, the Demon King and I are holding her back and we continued taking down monsters.
When in town, she’s somehow able to calm down, but recently I can sense her fighting spirit leaking out.
This is bad.

Solution #2
I should let her fight once.
But that’s rejected.
She needs to raise her level a little.
If that’s the case, then there’s another method.
That is, to cancel her stress from being unable to drink blood.
She just has to drink blood.

The vampire child has now become a little girl, it’s better if she drinks blood regularly.
Then, I’ll also have Mera, who’s a senpai in this profession, raise the vampire child into an excellent vampire.

Oshiete D-sensei! Lesson 1
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 222