Himeji – [6] New Bank Teller: 「One girl takes out the rough men with many black thorns because they are dangerous」

「Shoot him!」

At the sound of one man’s voice, a group of armed men appeared in the bank. He then pointed the muzzle of his gun at Hiroki and Shiori. It seemed that what was about to begin would be a theater of mixed gunfire and screams.


「Oh, my God! 」「What the hell is this? 」「What is this?」

It was the men who were about to pull the trigger of their guns that raised their voices. Their bodies were now blocked by countless thorns that had suddenly appeared.

The thorns, over two meters long and as thick as an arm, instantly incapacitated the entire armed group present.

「I am sure you know about me but let me introduce myself. I am Shiori Himeji, a first year student of combat school.」


As the armed group struggled, Shiori began to greet them nonchalantly.

「We knew that your organisation was going to attack this bank. However, if my arrival was also accounted for in the plan, it means that we have a mole in our organisation.」

I’ll calmly explain what has happened so far.

「Why! If everything had gone according to plan, you bastard!!」

「Yes. You guys tried to capture me to deter the government, the police, the Self-Defense Forces, and the combat studies teachers. If you capture me, strong as I am, it will certainly be difficult for them to attack you.」

Shiori saw through the enemy’s intentions.

「You knew of our plan and acted on it. However, you failed. If that’s the case, what do you think led to this failure?」

「Impossible! You’re saying that the information in the plan was wrong! We were given false information!」

「No, our plan was indeed what was provided to you.」

「Then why? 」

The enemy thought everything would go according to plan. They had gotten information about their opponents’ plans and read their moves. When their plan got discovered, they glared at Shiori and shouted.

「That’s…. Nah, I guess that’s enough explanation. There is no need to converse with you all any longer. Let’s get this over and done with.」

Shiori was about to answer the enemy. but she saw Hiroki, who should be captured as a personnel with combat abilities . What she could see in his eyes was an instruction to end this situation as soon as possible.

He is really hasty, Shiori thought.She held the radio and brought it to her mouth.

「Do it」


Two voices were heard over the radio. Suddenly, there was a distortion of space above their heads. And…

「「「「「Gaaa! 」」」」」

A powerful gravitational force capable of crushing them was exerted onto them. They were trapped by the thorns, and the gravity caused their bodies to sink into the stems of the thorns, causing many of them to lose consciousness.

「The very next thing you see when you wake up will be the prison walls. Anyway, goodbye~」

As she watched their end, Shiori muttered one last thing about their future and closed her eyes.

After everything was taken care of, Shiori tried to look at him again, but he was nowhere to be found.

「Where the hell did he go?! 」

It was Shiori’s turn to be surprised next. While she was confronting them, he saw an opening and was able to escape. The only one left was the man who was unconscious and could use invisibility. Shiori hurriedly gave instructions to her subordinates.

「Report this matter to Combat Science! Inform them about the insider and him!」

「Roger that!」

I immediately relayed my instructions via the radio to my subordinates. 

Then, the people who were on alert outside, came into the bank. If that was all, she would have taken a breather here, but Shiori was still shaken by the pounding in her heart

(Who is he? ! Why did he disappear! I want to know! I want to know who he is!)

Hiroki’s evaluation and interest had skyrocketed in Shiori’s mind.

(I escaped! I escaped! I got away!) 

There is a man still running on the pedestrian street located at the end of a two-lane road amidst a row of skyscrapers. It was Hiroki.

(What the hell was that? Suddenly a group of people with guns appear, suddenly black thorns grew out of the ground, suddenly a group of people were screaming while getting stabbed by the thorns, I don’t understand anymore!)

Looking back at the situation, Hiroki became upset and got scared.

(That girl suddenly looked at me while she was having an incomprehensible conversation with the group, followed by that group looking at me!

(I had nothing to do with that!)

At that moment, Hiroki shouted as much as he could in his mind! From Hiroki’s perspective, he wanted to disappear from that place as soon as possible.

I guess she could tell how I felt, so she said,『Let’s get it over with.』

And then there was a hellish scream from the group.

(What? How can my feelings lead to that group screaming?) Hiroki thought at that time.

He managed to escape from the scene amidst the roar of screams. In his panic, Hiroki didn’t go out the front door, but went out through a nearby window.

Therefore, he was able to disappear without being detected by the organization that was monitoring the bank door from outside.

(Let’s go home for now. Let’s forget all about today and think about the future.)

Hiroki touched the lottery ticket hidden in the inside pocket of his jacket from the outside and thought about the future.

(Next time, we’ll go to a different bank. For now, it doesn’t matter where I go as long as I can get the full amount in cash and on the spot.)

When I get home, let’s search for another bank.

Hiroki’s mind was filled with thoughts of money, even after the situation he had just been through.

(What should I buy with the cash? No, I need to buy a safe first. I need to buy a safe so I can shop without anyone knowing.)

Hiroki sees a bright future ahead of him.

However, Hiroki still didn’t know. As a result of his involvement in this incident, his information will be rampant everywhere.

Himeji - [5] Clairvoyant: 「What ability do boys all over the country want? It’s definitely clairvoyance right?」
Himeji - [7] Shiori: 「Oh! I need to be stronger than I am now if I want him to accept me! I'll work hard to make a black, long, fat thorn! I'll make thorns that will satisfy his body!」