Himeji – [2] Saiki 「Let’s talk about fighting strength/ combat power」

Saiki 「Let’s talk about fighting strength/ combat power」

I enter the classroom and sit at my desk.



One of my classmates called out to me as he approached me.

「I heard from the teacher this morning that Yamamoto from the next class transferred to a new school yesterday.」

「Ehh? Something like that happened?」

「In fact, I heard that he possessed 『Combat Power』」


With this new information, Hiroki recalled his memories of Yamamoto.

Yamamoto was one who stood out in gym classes. He was athletic but not much different from the rest of the members of the athletic club.

How did such a person stand out from the rest? When it comes to team games, his team surprisingly won.

(But still, does that have any co-relations with  『Combat Power』?)

「Hey.. Yamamoto’s fighting power…」

Hiroki who isn’t familiar with 『Combat Power』 tried asking.

After all, it’s not something that I am familiar with. I don’t know much about it. I was given a medical checkup when I was in elementary school, and was determined to have no powers.

「I don’t know much either but it was supposedly something that improves your luck.」


Improving your luck?

Thanks for explaining it to me but I am unable to comprehend it. Hiroki seriously does not have any idea what 『Combat Power』 is. At any rate, he just misunderstood it on his own with some knowledge from a manga.

「Sorry, what’s 『Combat Power』. It’s some unknown power in your body?」

The classmate gave a bitter look while explaining it to me.

『Combat Power』

It is a power that manifests in certain people.

Only after training, the person who manifests his power will be able to control 『human enhancement』, improving human capabilities for a certain period of time 

In addition, there are some individuals who develop abilities( Manifest abnormal phenomena) on top of human enchantment.

「Well, in some way, your definition of 『Combat Power』is also correct. Or maybe you are right?」

I don’t need that kind of pity! Hiroki thought to himself as he remembered Yamamoto.

I am only slightly above average academically and athletically, That means that…

「He has developed his ability?」

「It would seem so. But it is still more of a rumor.」

「But wasn’t his athleticism average? He was around the same level as the rest of the club.」

Yamamoto’s reflexes are normal. His classmates would understand if a person has 『Combat Power』, he/ she would be able to improve his/her athleticism and become stronger.

「At any rate,it seems that the only way to control『Combat Power』is to undergo training in school. However, it seems that manifestation of power seems to be by chance.」

In other words, Yamamoto accidental usage of his power was found out by a government official and was taken to the school.

Interest in the newly found knowledge started budding in Hiroki. He said what he thought further.

「Erm, why is that you have to transfer school if you have 『Combat Power』?」

「Oh?You seem to be getting interested. I will tell you everything I know. But only the stuff that I know  」

This lad has high EQ and is very kind, Hiroko thought as he learned more about『Combat Power』

Children who developed 『Combat Power』are being protected by the government and learn how to use them.

When they move up to junior high school, they can choose to receive treatment and lose their power. In return, they will lose their 『Combat Power』

. Alternatively, they can retain them and be protected by the government.

Children who chose to be protected by the government will be tasked with work issued by the state. 

And this is of paramount importance.

Children who chose to be protected will be treated the same as government employees and will be guaranteed a proper livelihood.

Hmm, Is this really a good deal? Hiroki thought.

(I am kinda curious about the work part. But that means that if you are protected by the government, you can live off the government’s money. It’s something like, “You have the power so let me protect you.”)

「Not even I have this  『Combat Power』…」

「If you have it, you probably wouldn’t be right here at this moment.」

A classmate replies to Hiroki’s monologue. 

「Speaking of which, is your name Saito? 」

「No!, Oi. I am Saiki!  

And that’s how Hiroki knew about his classmate’s name

Himeji - [1] That day, the world came to know of his existence
Himeji - [3] Saiki 「Is it hope or desire that the boy is trying to grasp…」