Himeji – [5] Clairvoyant: 「What ability do boys all over the country want? It’s definitely clairvoyance right?」

Clairvoyant: 「What ability do boys all over the country want?It’s definitely clairvoyance right?」


「Do you have a minute?」

I was about to take my right hand with the lottery ticket out of my inner pocket when I heard a voice behind me.


Hey, if you want to talk to the banker, can you please hurry up?

I don’t think you can keep staring at me.

「Can you please hurry up?」


When I hurried her, the girl took a step back and braced herself, but what does that mean?

(Who the hell are you? !)

From the moment Shiori had called out to him, he hadn’t looked away once. No, she was being analyzed. And when he was done analyzing her, he said,

「Can you hurry up? 」

Such complacency. He told me he was going to make the first move. Too funny!

I took a step back from him and braced myself. There were less than three steps between me and him. We are at a really close range. If I let him take the initiative, he would surely attack. Why did I give up my first move?

In fact, I had planned to approach him with the utmost concealment of deadly intent and caution to prevent him from taking action, and then, with a sudden approach, catch him off guard, strengthen my body with combat power, and grab him to separate him from the bank teller.

However, instead of letting his guard down he calmly analyzed the situation.

No way! No, I was tricked.

The current situation! Right next to him is the banker, and on the other side is me, he’s still hiding the weapon he’s grabbing with his right hand.

What’s the first move? Wasn’t he the one who had already made the first move!

If Shiori attacked, the banker would become embroiled in the fight. She had intended to cut him off from her immediately, but she couldn’t do anything about it and made me appear in front of her.

(There’s nothing I can do…)

A subtle atmosphere was passing between Hiroki and her. For some reason, the banker was silent, and I didn’t know what to do.

(The moment I spoke to her, she somehow kept her distance, and I don’t have the courage to speak to her again…)

I kept looking at the brown-haired girl in front of me.

(No, the fact that she’s looking at me means she’s talking to me, right? If so, it makes sense. But I don’t know her. Why did she call out to me? ……! It can’t be!)

Hiroki realized something and gripped the lottery ticket in his right hand even tighter.

(She knew about my lottery ticket! That’s impossible! How would she know that I have a lottery ticket!)

Determining that her purpose was the lottery ticket he was holding, Hiroki raised his level of caution towards her inwardly.

The emotion, desire in Hiroki’s heart glared at her strongly.

There was no way they would notice. Even if they did notice, why did they approach at this time? I don’t know!

No, no! She’s threatening me! She’s threatening me! She’s saying, 『If you don’t give me the money you just cashed in right here and now, I’m going to scream and make it known that you just won.』

She approached me just before the redemption in order to catch me off guard and impair my judgment.

If she had looked up my address and contacted me, She would have given me time to think. But, right here, right now, there is no time to think. It’s the perfect scenario.

(Crap! …… What do I do! ……)

Hiroki pondered. He wasn’t sure what to do in this situation.

How did she find out about the lottery?

  • I didn’t tell anyone.

Then why did she come to me?

  • There’s no reason other than the lottery.

I’ve never met her before.

  • She doesn’t know me.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa ……

After sorting out the situation, Hiroki started thinking of the next steps in order to get out of the current situation.

(This is bad! This is bad! This is bad!)

He started unleashing a killing intent. In contrast, the calmness shown earlier seems like a lie.

(Why! Why all of a sudden?)

I wasn’t able to make a calm decision. I couldn’t take in the killing spirit he was emitting, the way he was glaring at me, the sound of his right hand clenching tightly. Everything about him.

To Shiori who hasn’t done anything, I am only giving you time to think. If you’re not going to do anything, I’ll go first.

That’s what Shiori thought she heard.

Then came the moment when this tranquility was broken.

Hiroki put all his strength into his body and made an all-out dash.

The banker’s and Shiori’s reactions were left behind in this sudden all-out dash. Hiroki slipped past Shiori. That’s right. This is the plan that Hiroki has come up with.

(She must not know me yet!)

Hiroki doesn’t know her, and there is no reason for her to know Hiroki.

His face was hidden by sunglasses. So even if the photos were later spread on the Internet, he wouldn’t be identified.

So, what Hiroki had decided was to 『run away』.

Ooooh! Run, run, run!

Hiroki made a full speed dash, screaming his heart out to the point of vomiting blood!

「Oh shit……」

I’m going to die here.

The moment Shiori saw his afterimage, she muttered to herself about her inadequacy. And then she imagined the future that was about to happen.

The human body will not be strengthened in time. No, the dash that was unleashed to prevent her from making it in time.He didn’t even need to exert his combat power, he just rushed in. If she had just a bit of time to strengthen her body, she might have been able to do something with her abilities.

He had taken away even that hope. Complete defeat. Everything had been read.

If I die here, the only ones left are my comrades hiding in the ceiling.

I was planning to create an opening for the sake of those children, but it was no use.

In terms of intelligence and ability, he was leaps ahead.

Shiori closed her eyes, deciding to accept defeat and surrender to the future she was about to cause.

The sound of something hitting the ground.

(…… Huh?)

Shiori wondered if she was safe.

What she heard behind her was the sound of something colliding behind her.

She opened her eyes, which had been closed in fear, and looked back.

(What the hell is this?)

Spread out in front of her was a scene that looked like a man who had just tried to kill her, armed with a bulletproof vest and a gun, had been knocked to the ground and was being held down.

By a third party unknown to Shiori. Earlier, Shiori had not seen this armed man.


Shiori drew one conclusion. The armed man was not a third party, but a second party. And the man Shiori was dealing with was the third party.

The enemy organization had included a person with an ability in this plan. Invisibility is one of the abilities that excels in covert action.

The enemy organisation had planned to use invisibility to neutralize Shiori.

I don’t know where the information leaked out, but the enemy organization must have learnt the details of the operation and decided that if they could destroy Shiori, the field leader of this operation they would be able to take control of this place.

Shiori is an expert in combat studies. If they had neutralized her and taken the civilians in the building hostage, the government, police, Self-Defense Forces, and combat studies teachers would panic all at once.

However, that ended in failure.

Thanks to this third party guy.

I had made a terrible mistake.

He had suddenly unleashed his killing intent, not at me,  but at the enemy organization.

He had released the killing intent towards the enemy who was attacking Shiori from behind, and went behind Shiori to shield her and neutralize the invisible enemy.

(Impossible! Oh no, why, what do you mean, I don’t understand!)

Shiori’s thoughts were beyond her limits. But still, Shiori did not stop thinking. I must not stop. Because this thought was necessary for what was about to happen.

He wasn’t the enemy.

The real enemy was someone else.

He was protecting me.

He had neutralized the invisible enemy.

That much I understood. That’s all I need to understand for now.

Who is he?

Why is he here?

Why did he protect us?
What abilities does he have?

Right now, I need to clear my thoughts. What do we have to do now? Anticipating the situation will get worse from now on, I released the ability residing in my body while giving a grateful glance to him who had saved me.


(What? !)

Hiroki yelped in his mind as he hit something that should have been empty.

There was no slowing down for Hiroki, who ran at full speed and hit something invisible with all his might.

The pain from impact

The balance shift caused by the impact


Hiroki put all his strength into his legs and attempted to regain his stance, almost falling sideways, and tried to run again.

However, his right foot stopped as if it was caught by something and he put his left knee on the ground.

Since he was unable to stop the momentum, Hiroki almost fell forward, causing him to reflexively put his hands out in front of him.

However, his right hand was grasping an invisible stick that was as thick as his arm, and his left hand was holding an invisible sphere the size of a soccer ball down to the ground.

Now Hiroki is straddling something invisible, grabbing something invisible with his right hand and holding something down to the ground with his left.

(What the hell is this?! I am touching something I can’t see!)

Hiroki froze, unable to understand.

However, the situation did not become any simpler.


Something that Hiroki was holding down began to show color. It was a man dressed in a mixture of black and gray that evoked a very rugged image.

What is this?

Hiroki decided to accept the situation.

Running as fast as he could, he bumped into something invisible, pushed him over, and a burly man appeared.

(Yes, this is fucked up)

I didn’t know what I was saying in my mind anymore. But it’s happening right in front of me now.

Then, the girl who was after my large sum of money earlier turned around.

(Hey, why are you staring as though you are looking at something disgusting?! I am not something that would raise someone’s eyelids open to their limit!)

Her bright eyes continued sweeping around.

(I would have preferred to push down a pretty girl!! However, when I realized it, it’s a burly old man! I don’t know what’s going on either!)

Hiroki continues to scream in his mind like an accused person, trying to clear the misunderstanding about him.

Perhaps sensing the cries in his heart, she regained her composure and looked at him with sharpened eyes.

Eyes with apology and murderous intent.

Hiroki looked at her with such eyes.

Then, he was replied with apologetic eyes

(What’s with the eyes? You’re sorry you saw my gay situation? How can that be? I love girls!

And the next thing he saw were eyes with murderous intent in them.

(What’s next? You want me to apologize for showing you the homosexual situation! I didn’t create this scene just to show it to you?!)

And she was slowly approaching.

From the atmosphere, I could sense her determination and determination to kill. Her appearance, which reminded me of an absolute powerhouse, made me think that she was stronger than anyone else in this place.

(What the hell is that?!)

When Hiroki saw her, he shouted in his heart.

Himeji - [4] Shiori - 「 I'm not a stalker! Eh, I've been looking at that guy for a long time. No. This is a misunderstanding! So please! Don't drag my hand! Please, don't take me away!」
Himeji – [6] New Bank Teller: 「One girl takes out the rough men with many black thorns because they are dangerous」