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A Tail’s Misfortune — B5 — 5. A Shift In Schedule

POV:  1. Seiōbo (Sora’s Dark-Furred Aunt Who’s Haunted By Her Past) I want to thank my patrons for continuing to support me: Karan, Bassfreek, Grant Woodley, VerethragnaD, Jan L, Name Pending, Foo, Brandon Stiles, Lanitos, Ryan Devine, and my other Patrons! A pleasant tingle passed through Seiōbo’s heart while watching Emilia’s eager resolve to support

A Tail’s Misfortune — B5 — 4. To Become A Family

POV:  1.Emilia (Sora’s Daughter That Just Wants To Be A Daughter!) I want to thank my patrons for continuing to support me: AJ, Zel, Akasha Kruznik, Max Mustermann, x51t2, John Driscoll, Anskelis, Brian Barrett, Joss Sim, Dylan K, WeirdWhirl, Don’t Like To Talk, and my other Patrons! A long breath streamed out of Emilia’s lips,

A Tail’s Misfortune — B5 — 3. To Become A Family

POV:  1.Seiōbo (Our Girl’s 4-tailed Aunt With A Troubling Past!) 2.  Sora (Our Null-Void Fox Girl!) I want to thank my patrons for continuing to support me: Bret Cole, AmberStar, AI Simpson, Flaranor, Thriarsis, Alex Griffin, Emjayw, Kriden, Dantalia, Thomas Borrmann, and my other Patrons! Seiōbo pulled away from Sora’s inescapable gravity that locked Nari

A Tail’s Misfortune — B5 — 2. Past Mistakes, An Ominous Future

POV:  1.Sora (Our Null-Void Fox Founder!) 2. Seiōbo (Our Black-Furred Aunt With An Attitude) I want to thank my patrons for continuing to support me: Aron34, Michael Estepp, Selvaria, Belduim, Xophque, Paradim, N, Sicarian, Fotia, Jared Larkin, Gines Espinosa, and my other Patrons! The unusual delight of her aunt made Sora hesitate as Mofupsi and

A Tail’s Misfortune — B5 — 1. Can Family Be Trusted?

We’re finally on Volume 5 as we get to learn about Sora’s aunts, Jin, and the Dragon Founders! POV:  1.Sora Moore (Our Null-Void, Founder Mother!) Recap:  We learned the path Diane has traveled with Devin after Volume 2!  The Witch has seen and been through quite a bit, gaining a lot of perspective, and now

A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Forty-Two: Laid Bare

POV:  1.Jin (Our First Look At Jin in 4 Volumes!  A Reason For It!) Recap:  We got a conclusion to the Council’s punishment as Naomie was handed down her sentence; now, our little snake goddess girl will oversee the Realm and get it back on track after Inari restored its Core and fixed most of

A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Forty: The Journey Forward

POV:  1.Sora Moore (Our Null-Void Vulpes Founder!) Recap:  We met the one pulling the strings behind the scene; Anansi, or at least his physical form.  A creature presumably of an area outside of their Existence, Amy, Sora’s grandmother, seemed to know him.  Nilly did her best to save the day, but she wasn’t strong enough,