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Muses of Smartphone Team

Hi everyone. BlackSwordsman1721 here, one of the Editors of Smartphone with the recent addition of Empress. First of all, thank you for the support you guys have given us. We are really grateful for the amount of support that you guys have given not only to the Smartphone translation team, but also to the whole

Stopping of Smartphone Translations

TLDR: We are stopping the translations of Smartphone UPD: Updated partings words of the team (Alex) The people in RTD has always love the Japanese Culture. So we translate these novels to the public so that you readers are able to enjoy them. We feel encouraged when the series become more and more popular. So

FAQ – What’s up with you, RTD?

Hi, Rumanshi here~ As you may be aware, Raising the Dead has moved here.  You probably have a lot of questions to ask!  Well, I will answer as many as I can now and then anything else you have to ask later, I will edit them in.   Let’s get this started! Q:  Why the new