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The Search for Knowledge – Chapter 5

To Rox, it appeared as if the men were moving in slow motion. More than likely, he did not even need to intervene to protect the girls. However, it was his watch, so he figured he may as well take care of it and let them get their beauty sleep. He stepped in, towards the

The Search for Knowledge – Chapter 4

(Author’s Note: Heya! PlasticSaint, aka the best editor in the world and your new best friend, wanted to do a double release today so he edited all of chapter 4 today! What a great guy. Or an evil one, depends on your reactions to getting a taste of what a few of you want haha.

The Search for Knowledge – Chapter 3

(Author’s Note: Hiya everyone! I’m glad you all seem to be enjoying this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m honestly looking very forward to when more action-y things happen, as well as bigger plot developments. I highly encourage you all to hop onto the RTD discord and acquire the S4K fan tag so

The Search for Knowledge – Chapter 2

(Author’s note: Hey guys! I’m really enjoying the comments and whatnot I’m getting about this, and even happier than you’re all enjoying it^^ Keep it coming, and I’ll be sure to reply to ones that I can without spoiling <3. Also a reminder that I have a channel for non-spoiler questions (like the level system,

The Search for Knowledge – Chapter 1

(Epik: Who would win? This chapter or 1 sleepy boi.) (Rox: Chapter 2.) (Epik: Nani?!) (Rox: *Cracks Whip*)            Two people stood side by side overlooking a large courtyard from the balcony of an equally large mansion. Trees lined both the eastern and western walls, meticulously trimmed every day so that

The Search for Knowledge – Prologue

       Village life was hard. Despite all the amenities magic was able to provide, living in a small village was very difficult for the average citizen. They were not wealthy enough to afford many of the magical technologies that made daily life easier. Most of the time there was no barrier sage willing