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Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 9: Unexpected Twists

She’s….dead…. Her mind processed this reality before her. Her first friend had died before her eyes at the hands of that demon. “….Ah………” W-Why? Why….her? She questioned the cruel reality. Her heartbeat thumped heavily in her chest. She somehow rose to her feet, ignoring her injuries and the pain still screaming at her. Again, with

Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 8: The Demon Horde

(AN: I am sorry for cliff-kun.) The sky was filled with grey clouds before arriving back at the house first, Fuumi looked around and noticed the lack of people. Only Olivia was found cleaning the kitchen quietly. “Where is everyone, Olivia?” “Ms. Chiaki hasn’t returned from school, and Lady Xiuying left a few hours ago

Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 7: Shirtless and Modeling

(AN: Surprise, today is a double release today.) Hayate woke up as usual, unable to defy the ingrained routine of waking up early, the person in question was now half-asleep and quietly heading towards the bathroom. Due to thinking too much about the demons and making various theories, Hayate had slept late at night after

Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 6: A New Maid

(AN: I’ve decided to go back and edit the old Chapters with chapter titles as best as my horrible chapter naming ability goes.) In the next few days, the quiet house that Hayate had was turned into something completely different. Right after, it was decided that Xiuying would stay in Hayate’s house, another housemate would

Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 5: Bath and Surprise 2

(AN: Sorry for this being a day late. Here’s Chapter 5.) Later that day, in the main chamber of the Kanzaki family mansion, a guest had arrived to greet the family. Before Hatsuko and Kyosuke, was a girl with crimson hair done in a way towards beauty over function. Her clothes were very formal like,

Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 4: Duel

(AN: I am so distracted by Octopath Traveler right now….)   In the dark artificial forest, the sounds of two blades clashing rang through the air. The sounds would happen irregularly. Sometimes in quick succession, at others with long pauses of silence. He had tried to understand how it led to this. She wanted a

Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 3: Enter The Chinese Demon Hunter

It had been a week since then. Chiaki had learned many things from the Kanzaki family. There existed demons that preyed on humans and other living things. Demon Hunters were those who hunted down demons. There were forty-seven Demon Hunter families, each responsible for one of the forty-seven prefectures of Japan. Those belonging to much

Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 2: Bath And Surprise

(AN1: Happy July 4th Everyone) (AN2: When Hayate addresses her parents, she is actually using Haha-ue and Chichi-ue but I’m leaving it as Mother and Father respectively for easier reading. And for future chapters reasons.) She choked a scream at the sight of Hayate standing there covered in blood. The image of a beautiful girl