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Return of The Former Hero ch.143

It’s kinda lewd. Thank you for all of your support and patrons. I and Shira will do our best to keep deliver more chapters next month. Enjoy~ Translator: RaizuEditor: Shirayuki

Return of The Former Hero ch.141

New chapter is hereeee~ Quite long chapter. I love this new heroine, she is cute like a cat. Can’t wait for her dere-dere phase! Translator: RaizuEditor: Shirayuki Chapter 141. Former Hero – Regains Confidence [Nn……? Nnn~………….? Really…….?] Want to do some sparring? To that offer I made, Elcure obviously felt troubled. With arms folded together,

Return of The Former Hero ch.140

Sorry for the wait~ Enjoy the chapter. Translator: Raizu Editor: Shirayuki Chapter 140. Former Hero – Making A Suggestion [Heave ho!] I threw away the debris I’ve been carrying on my shoulder to the waste storage area outside town. It’s been three days since the bandit subjugation. The stagnant air around the city had somewhat

Return of The Former Hero ch.138

Sup everyone, Raizu is here with new chapter~ New chapter of Takami no Kago should be ready soon/next week. Sorry for the long wait. Enjoy~ Translation: RaizuEditor: Shirayuki