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My Bodyguard Can’t Fight Girls Chapter 6 – Kasumi And Gale

Author’s Note: Apologies for the late release. We were in transition over a new editor, so that’s why it took us so long to publish. Moving forward, iepie122 will be the featured as the editor. When she arrived home after the first combat training she gave, Kasumi went straight for a shower and bath.  As she

My Bodyguard Can’t Fight Girls Chapter 3 – An Assassin

“What in the world happened to you, Gale? Why do you have bandages all over?”   I didn’t ask since I knew what happened, but Hideki had a truly concerned look on his face.   “A bunch of clowns had nothing better to do. Don’t worry about it as it has already been taken care

My Bodyguard Can’t Fight Girls Chapter 2 – The Tyrant

“Clere!”   ”Clere!”   ”Clere!”   ”Miss Bear Panties!”   I immediately turned around and threw my book at Gale.   ”Would you please stop calling me that?”   “I have been calling you out all this time, and while you were so engrossed in your conversation with Hideki, The teacher has been calling for

My Bodyguard Can’t Fight Girls Chapter 1 – A New Bodyguard

“You will be meeting your new bodyguard soon. He already knows about you and will introduce himself to you personally. When you meet him, please bring him back here for a briefing.” Mom and I were having breakfast, and she just had to spring this on me right in the middle of our meal, surprising

My Bodyguard Can’t Fight Girls – Prologue

Author’s Note: A big shoutout to our awesome VA,Qiu Yue for her awesome voice! I remember the day my bodyguard couldn’t stop crying. His usually straight posture, bent down and kneeling next to a girl—no, a beautiful woman. His hands, once filled with both grit and confidence, now quivered with a sense of uncertainty as