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My attack stat… – V6 Chap 165 – A Toast to the King

Within an hour, Katalina and I made our way to the Port of Gibraltar – a trip that should have taken an entire day. If someone had asked us how that was possible, my automatic response would have been, “The Queen possesses some pretty ridiculous magic.” In truth, the two of us had merely ridden

My attack stat… – V6 Chap 163 – Playing With Fire

“Please, convey the details of the arrangements to the lords involved. Tell them that the conveniences enjoyed by those who sided with the Valkyrie will now be distributed to all.” Queen Katalina dismissed the messengers with a wave of her hand as she sat down on her throne, a bit exhausted. She had spent the

My attack stat… – V6 Chap 162 – The Devil’s Fruit

“Devil’s Fruit, huh?” I plucked the fruit that dangled from the plant and examined it. The round, dark purplish bulb that weighted down from the low-growing plants along the ground looked hardly menacing to me. I was currently at the outer edge of the kingdom, close to the southern border of Purnesia. Saki had joined

My attack stat… – V6 Chap 161 – What a New Day Brings (3)

“Mind if I join you?” Eryn eyed the two of us. Instinctively, I scooted over to give her a place to sit. Eryn was usually a busy person, having to manage the new duties of being a Marchioness. The activities in the domain were booming, motivated by the progressive nature of craftsmen and merchants centered

My attack stat… – V6 Chap 160 – What a New Day Brings (2)

Coming down the stairs of my impressively large residence, I found Saki sitting alone at the dining table. Her breakfast recently polished off, a cup of green tea steamed in front of her, a favorite drink of hers since we had discovered it. “Breakfast, sir?” Roberto asked, part of the usual morning ritual. I nodded

My attack stat… – V6 Chap 159 – What a New Day Brings (1)

I woke up to the feeling of soft sheets, crumpled among a spacious bed. The canopy hanging above like silky bundles of curtains gave me the slight urge to bat them down like a cat. My next thought was, ‘What a strange feeling….’ Truthfully, this same thought had repeated every morning for the past week

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 158 – Farewell to One Journey

I took a deep breath as I readied the huge stack of ingredients that was finished being prepped. Behind me, large tubs of tomato sauce and diced veggies were stacked on a table, waiting to be added. “Yi Long, can you get the oven ready like how I showed you?” In response, the young prodigy

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 157 – Coronation

The attempted assault on the Faulkner domain and the destruction of Engelberg, both orchestrated by the Demon, had widespread consequences. Including roughly a thousand soldiers and knights who were killed while invading Faulkner, a few hundred more left stationed in the capital city had also been slain. Many more than that were injured but had

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 156 – Eryn vs. Katsys

Eryn raced across the ruined city streets, scanning the area for the mana signature of her allies. Moments earlier, she had encountered the whizzing form of Ludmila, who zipped between the different parties to notify them of the current situation. Seemingly, the others had encountered demonized people as well. But those at the south gate