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My attack stat… – V6 Chap 185 – A Corny Situation (2)

Hiding behind a random building, we stared as the parade of crazed fans ran by, their switches having been flipped. A lady of nobility was typically married away under various arrangements, for political or financial gain. Stripped of this prospect of finding a romance of their own, there was no doubt that they held pent

My attack stat… – V6 Chap 184 – A Corny Situation (1)

‘Just how the hell did I get stuck in this situation?’ My eyes wandered to the person sitting across from me, the flamboyant Duke that often threw me under the bus randomly with tiring theatrics. It hadn’t even been a week since the last one, where I had been volunteered to participate in the tournament,

My attack stat… – V6 Chap 183 – A Day Off for Ludmila (2)

Known for artistic displays of Ice magic, Duke Reichenstein was a peculiar person that loved to dabble in creative works and show them off to the public. The current stage had been set up for just another one of ‘his’ famous forms of entertainment. In the center of an open plaza, Duke Reichenstein, in her

My attack stat… – V6 Chap 181 – A Violet in Action

The first time I met Violet Lingonberle was shortly after the whole wedding fiasco with Duke Charlemagne. Having caught wind that I created the Sangria served at the reception, Viscount Lingonberle reached out to the Faulkner trading company with avid interest. A spiked wine had been just the idea to rejuvenate his flailing vineyard sales.

My attack stat… – V6 Chap 180 – To Embrace a Yandere

My gaze wandered across Saki’s body. Just like Violet had done before, the Electi of Attack, my next opponent, had stepped onto the arena without her bulky armor. Instead, she was wearing a cute shirt and skirt similar to that of a Japanese school uniform. I mentally slapped myself for momentarily fawning over the attire

My attack stat… – V6 Chap 179 – A Shocking Battle

“And now, the final match of the quarterfinals! Due to the forfeit of the entire group, the winner of this match will move straight to the finals!” Somewhere in the stands, Goldar and Horwitz were both kicking themselves. They had forfeited in fear of the masked fighters, who had unexpectedly been knocked out of commission.

My attack stat… – V6 Chap 178 – A Fight With ‘Giants’

Marquis Deggendorf – a giant of a man whose presence could be solely defined by the bulging muscles that peeked out from his fancy attire. The arrangement of a formal short-sleeved shirt and vest, barely containing the rippling arms, was quite peculiar. It was like a bodybuilder that had been placed uncomfortably in nice clothing