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My attack stat… – V1 Chap 21 – The Poisoned District

The slums had been normal just two weeks ago. All of a sudden, signs of people growing delirious or getting sick started appearing out of nowhere. Since no one could figure out the cause, it spread until the entire area had been hit by it, almost like a disease. However, it did not spread to

My attack stat… – V1 Chap 20 – Pursue the Clue

The port town of Gibraltar – dotting the only stretch of ocean that belonged to the Kingdom of Sistina, this bustling hub of commerce was home to all of the seafaring trade. Even as Eryn and I arrived late in the evening, there was non-stop activity throughout the town. Sailors heaving cargo, men barking out

My attack stat… – V1 Chap 19 – Bandits and GateDown

CLASHHH! A heavy sword strike was intercepted by a small knife. At a glance, one might wonder why someone would be attacking a chef in the middle of the woods, especially one armed only with a simple chef knife. The man in question was furiously trying to land a deadly blow as the chef calmly

My attack stat… – V1 Chap 16 – Rumble with the Destroyer

With the tournament in full swing, the competitors were quickly whittled down through 1-on-1 matches. Eryn herself was already on her third opponent, having quickly downed the first two challengers with only a single blow. Her current opponent was a grizzly looking man with claw-like weapons. He was apparently a visiting adventurer who just happened

My attack stat… – V1 Chap 14 – Trouble in the Mines (2)

Elsewhere in the mines, a band of men were in the midst of cleaning up their gear and removing all traces of them ever being there. A particularly large man with an eyepatch walked around hurrying others along. This man was Zeick, who was currently the boss of this ragtag group of thieves. A few

My attack stat… – V1 Chap 13 – Trouble in the Mines (1)

Resting just beyond the edge of lands owned by Madiswil and Grendhoven nobility, the mining town of Adele was a contested location that had sprung up in recent months due to a newly discovered vein of magic stones. Magic power coursed through the earth in the form of veins, converting the exposed ore over time

My attack stat… – V1 Chap 12 – A Smashing Result

The weeks passed by as Eryn and I continued receiving jobs from the guild. None of the jobs took us particularly far. Most of them were less than a day’s travel from the capital. However, we had been tasked to verify rumors that had popped up from various sources or to check for abnormal monsters