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13 Chapter 5: Conflicting Conclusions 3

Chapter 5: Conflicting Conclusions   Pulling aside the loose curtains that hung over the humble entrance of Valtan’s home, it was a complete opposite to the poor outside appearance of the house.   Inside, various bookshelves were lined orderly with books, while his bed of hay and woolen pillows was arranged in a tidy manner,

12 Chapter 5: Conflicting Conclusions 2

Chapter 5: Conflicting Conclusions   With that, Valtan and I miraculously scaled down the sheer cliff face unscathed despite our horrible luck with cliff faces in the past and started making our way back to the encampment.   It probably wasn’t even 5 minutes of walking before we heard the iconic rowdy laughter and sounds

11 Chapter 5: Conflicting Conclusions 1

Chapter 5: Conflicting Conclusions   Thin golden beams lit the path ahead as rays from the sun pierced through the tiny gaps in the thick canopies above. I was flanked by tall, towering trees that formed endless rows both in front and behind me, as if seemingly stretching far beyond the horizon with no end

Ascension – 10 Chapter 4: Slumbering Ancients 3

Chapter 4: Slumbering Ancients   Even though I couldn’t protect her when the Empire attacked, even though I failed to protect Andromeda back then, at the very least I should fulfill this very promise I made to her, and to do that, I cannot die here.   Strong determination to live rose up within my

Ascension – 9 Chapter 4: Slumbering Ancients 2

Chapter 4: Slumbering Ancients “Didn’t anyone teach you any manners on not to interfere?” Asclepius immediately stiffened his right arm. Without looking back, he had swung the back his arm backwards in a blink of an eye and straight into the abdomen of Valtan before poor Marcy could make any form of contact with Asclepius’

Ascension – 8 Chapter 4: Slumbering Ancients 1

Chapter 4: Slumbering Ancients   Snap!   Snap!   Snap!   The sounds of bones snapping and cracking grew louder and more frequent. Whatever it was that’s hiding in the shadows, it was definitely getting closer.   The pure terror and horror of the unknown that I was experiencing, I thought it couldn’t get any

Ascension – 7 Chapter 3: Discerning The Truth 3

Chapter 3: Discerning The Truth   Before long, we arrived at the entrance of the supposed bear den, according to Valtan. On the surface, it looked no different from any of the other caves we had came across, just a hole that’s inlaid within the side of the mountain. In fact, the only difference was

Ascension – 6 Chapter 3: Discerning The Truth 2

Chapter 3: Discerning The Truth   “Sorry man, but I don’t plan on you dying here. At the same time, I guess I can show you a cool little trick of mine…”   Expecting blood, I searched around me for any traces of it. But there was none. Replacing it was the sound of iron

Ascension – 5 Chapter 3: Discerning the Truth 1

  Chapter 3: Discerning The Truth   “Chirp! Chirp!”   Birds sang the song of nature as leaves rustled softly in the wind. Morning dew formed as the chilly humid air condensed into tiny droplets onto nearby foliage. However, it wasn’t too cold as the warm rays of the sun penetrated through the dense canopies

Ascension – 4 Chapter 2: Friend or Foe 2

Chapter 2: Friend or Foe (Slightly early chapter cause of exams tommorrow >.>) Walking out of the room, A jaw-dropping sight made its way into my still cloudy vision. Below us was a sprawling settlement where small shacks and huts dotted the clearing in a random manner. At the edge of the clearing was a