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The RTD Story 11.0

New Site. Same old weird people. Here is the next RTD Story. We are looking for people to do voice overs for our novels! If you think you are cute or sound cute, drop by at our discord  and ring me up!

RTD Patreon Launched and FAQ #3

Hi all, Fairy here. We have finally launched our Patreon . I am very sure you guys will have many questions to ask. I have created a page at the menu section to tell you guys more about the Patreon itself.

FAQ #2

Faerieeee here. Thank you all for the wonderful support and we are getting more lurkers in our discord group. Stop lurking and join in the chat! Most of the users there don’t bite!

FAQ – What’s up with you, RTD?

Hi, Rumanshi here~ As you may be aware, Raising the Dead has moved here.  You probably have a lot of questions to ask!  Well, I will answer as many as I can now and then anything else you have to ask later, I will edit them in.   Let’s get this started! Q:  Why the new