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24 Roommates


Mile and her new companions spent the three days until the enrollment ceremony talking or exploring the capital. Since none of them had much money they focused on things they could do without spending money.

And even if they had the money to go shopping, there just wasn’t any space in their room, so they couldn’t have bought anything impressive either way. At most they could get a change of clothes and a few consumables.

They got free meals at the cafeteria, and didn’t waste money on a luxury like sweets.


These four, despite their personalities being quite different, seemed like they would get along well as roommates.

And for some reason, Rena had taken a special liking to Mile. Rena always decided to stand right next to her.

Maevis told the doubtful Mile her deductions on Rena’s reasons for this behavior.


「Well, you know, with your height and breasts… no, forget I said anything.」

「As if I could!」

Mile raised her voice in reply to Maevis’ spot on analysis.

She had become able to freely talk to her roommates.


Certainly, Rena looked big when put next to Mile.

The self that was bigger than the 12 year old Mile. Both in height and breasts.

For Rena who had somewhat of a complex about her child-like body that was something joyful. Mile could understand that she would want to stand next to her.

Being only slightly shorter than the fifteen year old Rena next to her also wasn’t that bad for Mile either.

Maevis was seventeen, so she was outside the range of comparison.


….the problem was Pauline.

She was just a tick below the average height for her 14 years. So, of course, she was taller than Rena.

And her boobs were clearly above average in size, overtaking even Maevis.



Mile stared down Pauline’s breast, causing her to squirm, when Rena returned from the bathroom.


「Well, let’s get going!」


Indeed, for today was finally the day of their enrollment into the Hunter Training School.


The enrollment ceremony was bland.

An obvious fact with most of the students being poor. And there were no parents coming to watch them.

And, of course, there was no uniform either. Everyone wore their individual outfits.

But since they had forgone normal clothing and attended in their combat gear, the students at least looked like novice Hunters.

The amount of students this term was as usual 40.

Since they were only 40 people, there was only one class.

The school still was on the level it had since its trial phase, so it was more like a temple school in scale.


「Good to see all of you arrived! I’m the person running this place, Elbert.」

A man about 50 years old, probably the principal, greeted them from atop a podest.

He looked nothing like a principal and everything like a retired Hunter.


「I’ve been a Hunter from age 6 to six years ago, when I retired and was entrusted this place!」


….It was just how it looked like.

Well, with just 40 students there’s probably no principal at all.

This place should rather be called “Hunter Training Place” or “Hunter Strengthening Program”.

Was what Mile thought….


「Here, we’ll drill what you should originally be learning and experiencing over the course of years in just half a year! And when you graduate we’ll give you the qualification to be a D- or C-Rank Hunter! Do you understand what that means!?」

Elbert asked the students while letting his eyes pass over them.


「You guessed it! This place is harsh! Those who can’t keep up will promptly be expelled.

Because it would leave a bad taste in our mouths if we let you pass out of kindness, only to get not only yourselves, but also your party members killed. So we’re certainly not going to do that. If you feel that you can’t keep up, chose to drop out!」


Even if he said this, everybody here has won against their competitors and is burdened with the expectations of their families, so there was no way they would just obediently leave of their own volition.


After Elbert’s speech the other teachers were introduced before the event ended.

After all, there was only one class. The details could be explained later in the classroom.


While waiting for their teacher in the classroom, the students talked with their roommates.


「Well, it’s nothing new.」

The other three nodded in return to Rena’s comment.

The earlier words of the principal. Everybody here was ready for something of this degree. There was no need to spell it out anymore at this point in time.

After a while, the front door of the room opened and their instructor entered. It was the principal, Elbert.

「I’m going to be your head instructor. Due to budget restrictions I’m your principal as well as your head instructor, and I also serve as the instructor for the sword and lance. Besides me, there are the three introduced earlier. Other than that there are only the people cooking for you and keeping this place habitable.

The classes will be focused on practical training, but there’ll be some theory too. If you can’t do things like recognizing plants, or know a monster’s weak points, you’ll die off quickly. And if you don’t know how to handle an aristocrat you’re escorting, they’ll snap and attack you, then you’ll fight back, and then you’re on the wanted list. So you better learn this stuff.」

His words were frank and to the point, but all of them were the truth so nobody could say anything.

While talking, Elbert had started writing on the blackboard.


Number of students: 40 Male:27 Female:13

Swordsmen: Male:13 Female:3

Spearmen: Male:4

Archers: Male:4 Female:2

Magicians: Male:6 Female:8


Girl Group A: 5 Members Magicians:2 Swordsmen:1 Archer:2

Girl Group B: 4 Members Magicians:3 Swordsmen:1

Girl Group C: 4 Members Magicians:3 Swordsmen:1


Boy Group 1: 5 Members Magicians:1 Swordsmen:3 Archer:1

Boy Group 2: 5 Members Magicians:1 Swordsmen:2 Archer:1 Spearmen:1

Boy Group 3: 5 Members Magicians:1 Swordsmen:2 Archer:1 Spearmen:1

Boy Group 4: 4 Members Magicians:1 Swordsmen:2 Spearmen:1

Boy Group 5: 4 Members Magicians:1 Swordsmen:2 Spearmen:1

Boy Group 6: 4 Members Magicians:1 Swordsmen:2 Archer:1


「These are the makeup of this class by gender and profession as well as your parties from now on. Parties A-C are the girls, and 1-6 the boys.

Some of you might have already noticed it, but your party members are your roommates. You’ll stay in these groups until graduation.

If there’s someone you don’t like, bear it. That’s also part of your training. There’ll be times after your graduation where you can’t choose who to work with after all.

Normally, all female parties are rare, but we don’t have the time to bother with romance here and it would be a hassle if one of you got knocked up. Also it’s easier to teach you separated by gender, so we split the groups like that.

You can talk about it until graduation and form mixed parties then. Rather, that’s what most people do.」


He was too frank.

Elbert’s explanation continued after that.

The students were seated by profession so their instructor could easily infer on what level each student was. On the battlefield you might need to pick up an ally’s or enemy’s weapon, so they were to also learn things besides their speciality. It would also help them with their teamwork, let them know how enemies might move, and joint training were among a whole lot of other reasons given for this.

And now it was time for the usual event, self introductions.


「Since you won’t remember them in detail anyways, just keep in mind that someone like this exists in this class.

Start from the right. At least your name, profession, specialities and Rank should come up.

Just to be clear, don’t let it be just that. Make your comrades aware of yourself as a fellow human being instead of just another stranger.」


In accordance with Elbert’s words, the row of self introductions started.

And despite his words, most introductions barely went above the minimum.

There was nobody who would want to tell complete strangers about their private affairs, specialties or weak points. The trio of Maevis, Rena, and Pauline also didn’t deliver an in-depth introduction like the one in their dorm room.

And then, it was Mile’s turn to introduce herself.


「My name is Mile. I am twelve years old and my profession is magician. I don’t have any magic I’m particularly bad at. I can use Storage Magic as well as fight a bit with a sword. My Rank is F」


Immediately, the classroom got noisy.

In contrast to Rena, nobody was doubtful of a Storage Magic user like her coming to this place.

Because no matter her usefulness, someone must have judged, that taking a clueless beginner like her along would be too dangerous, and sent her here to train her.  That’s why they could accept that she still was an F-Rank.

The reason for the ruckus laid elsewhere.



If they could work on her until graduation and get her to join them. A cute and seemingly docile girl that can use Storage Magic among many others as well as defend herself with a sword.

Who else but this girl could be more desirable as a party member.


Once again, a daily live of suffering was about to begin for Mile.

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