I Said Make My Abilities Average! 23

23 Hunter Training School


In the six days since her arrival, Mile had made the inn her base of operations and put her efforts into taking note of all the shops and streets. She even entered the small, shady streets and back alleys, but since her “cheap and plain” clothing was seen as “poor” in the capital nobody bothered her even there.

…Apparently the slum’s inhabitants had recognized her as one of their own.


When she had finally noticed this, Mile hurriedly changed her clothing. To something that would be believed to be the clothing of a “normal, plain city girl”.


When she had shown her new outfit to the innkeeper’s daughter, Reni-chan, she was met with a subtly troubled expression.


「Even though you’re so pretty…」


And now, six days after her arrival in the capital, Mile stepped through the gates of the Hunter Training School. …Small.

What appeared to be the main building was only one story tall. Similarly, what she assumed to be the dormitory also had only one floor. Seems like it was mixed. The only things left were an indoor training field and the sports ground.

Well, with only one class at a time with less than 40 students, this much would probably be enough. Mile didn’t want to stand out too much, but neither did she want to ruin the Guildmaster’s reputation. So she decided to aim for staying fifth from the top.


After going through the formalities, Mile was led to a 4 person room with two high sleepers. Since the country paid for their expenses, it would be too much to ask for single rooms.

Apparently none of her roommates had appeared yet and Mile was the first. When it came to securing her bed, her habit of being reserved from her former life as a Japanese reared its head.

(I am probably the youngest and smallest, so I will take the upper bed…)

The lower bed of a high sleeper was more convenient in many ways, so Mile picked the upper bed of one of the high sleepers. The only closet in the room was split evenly into 4 compartments. It was probably meant to be shared. There also was a small, lockable chest for valuables, but since she kept everything important in her Item box, it didn’t matter to Mile. So she chose to always pick the most inconvenient option.

In the countries around here this kind of reservation, yielding something to another without compensation, was seen as foolish, but Mile didn’t care since she did it because she felt like it.


「Putting away my luggage… there isn’t really anything to put away.」


Mile didn’t intend to hide being able to use Storage Magic… rather, it was useless to hide it since it was written on her recommendation for this place. So there was no problem in keeping her normal luggage inside her Storage Magic. Some things she still kept preserved in her Item box though.

In the end, she had no use for the closet space, so she decided to let her other roommates share it.

In this room were the beds, the closet, and the small chest. Nothing else. Neither chairs nor a table. We won’t spend much on the living quarters. If you have time to laze around go to the training ground! Your room is only for sleeping and changing your clothes! Something like this was probably the reason.

Mile was spaced out until midday thinking about this, when someone knocked on the door.


「Please enter!」


In response to Mile’s reply, a tall woman around 170cm with flowing blonde hair and a firm expression of her face.

She was probably somewhere around 17~18 years old. And somehow… handsome?

Would it be easier to understand if you described the woman as popular with women in a different way than Mile?


「Oh, so you’re my roommate! Let’s get along the next half year!」


The girl held out her right hand with a bright smile on her face, and Mile who felt that they could become friends, held out her right hand in return, also with a big smile on her face.


「I’m Maevis, a swordsman, nice to meet you. Let’s keep the more detailed introductions for when the others have arrived. Which bed have you chosen?」

「Ah, the one up there.」



Mile was wondering whether she was seen as an idiot, but Maevis only kindly patted her head.

「You’re a good girl…」


We can definitely get along!

Mile was convinced of that.


「I’m quite large, so I’m sorry to say so, but I’ll have to pick the lower bed.」


Having said this, Maevis put her luggage under the bed beneath Mile’s. The two talked for a while before there was a knock on the door again.


「Yes~, please enter~」


When the door opened, there were two girls standing there.

A nice and fluffy looking girl around 13~14.

And a strong looking girl with red hair around 12 years old.


「You must be my other roommates. I’m Maevis, let’s get along!」

「My name is Mile, pleased to meet you!」

「I’m Rena.」


After that reply, the red haired girl immediately moved into the room, looked at the beds, and then put her things on the lower bed of the free high sleeper. Well, that was probably the normal course of action though. First come, first served.


「I’m Pauline, pleased to meet you too…」


The fluffy girl seemed to be somewhat weak willed, showed no sign of irritation at the other girl’s behavior, and quietly put her baggage on the upper bed.


It was by no means a coincidence that all inhabitants had arrived in this room three days before the enrollment ceremony, on the noon of the day when they were allowed to move into the dorm.

You can stay these three days here for free, and the meals since today’s lunch are also free.

In short, none of them had money to waste.

Of course, Mile wasn’t that troubled by her finances, and she only wanted to familiarize herself with the school and its surroundings, but there was no need to alienate herself, so she didn’t mention this little fact.


Since lunch would be served soon, they decided to postpone the introductions, and headed to the cafeteria.

Many others had also arrived as soon as possible with free meals as their aim, so around half of the 40 students Mile had heard of were seated in the cafeteria. Since their seniors had just graduated, everyone here should be part of their class. The boys all wolfed down their food. But, as expected, the women were not quite that bad.

When the girls returned to their room after lunch, the immediately started introducing themselves.


「Let’s start with the introductions in order of our arrival here.」


With Maevis decision, Mile was the first.


「I’m Mile, 12 years old. My Rank is F and I’m a magician」

「…eh, just that? Isn’t there anything else like the magic you’re good at, where you’re from, about your family…」


The red haired girl, Rena’s words made Mile reluctantly continue her introduction.


「Um, I can use Storage Magic. So I don’t need my closet space and all of you can share it. I also can use a sword to defend myself a little.

My family matters are a life and death issue so I would like to keep them to myself…」



The silence continued for quite a while.


「What’s up with that!」


Rena suddenly shouted.


「If you can use Storage Magic you should be C-Rank! Why the hell are you here! And if you constantly use your Storage Magic, you’d have to always spend that much Magic Power on it! How can you use it as a closet!?」


「Why are you also looking confused!!」


Mile was baffled by what Rena was howling at her…


「Well, there was a mistake made by the Guild… To make it up, the Guildmaster recommended me for this place. And who knew Storage Magic worked like that?」


「T-Then, I’m next!」


Maevis hurriedly interjected.

Being able to read the mood was truly a splendid ability.


「Since Mile was this honest, I’ll also tell you everything. Since we’ll be together a long time it would come out either way.


My name is Maevis von Austin, 17 years old. I am a swordsman and can’t use magic.

The Austins have been a house of knights for many generations, and all of my three older brothers have also become knights. I admire my brothers and also aim to become a knight, but my family was against it, so I left my home. That is why, right now I’m just Maevis, no family name. Let’s get along!」




The name 『Rascal』 floated up in Mile’s mind, but that is a raccoon. She probably had mistaken it for another name. [1]


「T-Then I’ll go next! I’m Rena, fifteen, magician! Attack Magic is my forte, so I’m called 『Rena the Red』.

And just to make it clear, the “Red” has nothing to with my hair color!

I don’t have a family…」


When she talked about her family, she let her head hang down so her face wasn’t visible. But since she had thrown this question at Mile, she couldn’t not answer it herself.



「What! What are you trying to say!?」


For a fifteen year old she was too small. About 156~157cm. That is around 5cm smaller than the average for her age. The height of a 12 year old. Mile was also smaller than the average, so she was happy she didn’t earn this kind of reaction.


「Then, I will go last…

Pauline, fourteen. I’m the daughter of a lover of  the Beckett trading company’s president.」




「Although I’m a nuisance, since I have a talent for Healing Magic, I was sent here to polish my skills so I could better serve as a tribute to nobles or higher ranking merchants.」


(((Please stop~~~~!!))


「When I graduate from here I’ll probably be given to a middle-aged or old man to-」

「「「And that’s it for self introductions!!」」」


It looks like the roommates will get along well.

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