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20 Recruitment


Although the middle aged clerk was behaving strangely, he still was a professional, so gradually processed her goods. The Horn Rabbits and Birds were around 2 silver coins for each one, and due to its pelt, the fox-like animal was worth a whooping 8 silver coins. Since she had 5 Horn Rabbits and 5 birds, the total amounted to 1 gold coin and 8 silver coins. In Yen that were 108’000 Yen.

This time, the boar added a lot to that, but even without it she would have earned 28’000 Yen. If she worked 30 of the 36 days in a month like this, she would earn the equivalent of 8’400’000 Yen.


(I’m glad I became a Hunter!)

Ignoring the clerk in a moment of happiness, Mile suddenly noticed something.

(Ah, I haven’t turned in the herbs yet….)


She had put those in her Item box so they wouldn’t decay which led to her forgetting about them. Since they wouldn’t spoil in there she decided to leave them for next time. If you added the profits from collecting herbs, her monthly income would be over 10 gold coins, 10’000’000 Yen.


When she returned to the boy that had wanted to recruit her, he and his group were also behaving strangely.

Some emptily stared into the air while others fidgeted…. Almost like the clerk just now….


「Well then, where were we,」

「Hey, you there!」


Ignoring Mile’s words, a man around thirty butted in from the side.


「Looks like you can use Storage Magic. How much can you carry?」


Mile got an unpleasant feeling from the man who had forcefully inserted himself into their conversation.


「Please tell me more.」


She completely ignored him.


「Hey, You!」

「First of all, why did you choose me from all the other Hunters around here?」

「Listen to me, dammit!」

「To speak frankly, I’m smaller than all of you, so haven’t you thought about me being a hinderance to you?」

「Don’t screw with me!」


The boy’s party was intimidated by the raging man.

The Guild was already filled up quite a bit since it was evening, but nobody stepped in since this much was still just squabbling. Everyone was entertaining themselves by watching how the new girl would deal with the situation.


「You’re noisy, please shut up! You are disturbing our conversation.」

「W-What nonsense… That’s just because you keep ignoring me…」

「Eh? You were talking to me? In that case I’m sorry. Since I didn’t think there existed someone rude enough to just interrupt our conversation without even introducing himself, I was sure you were talking to someone invisible to me….」

「Y-You, don’t fuck with me…

W-Well, let’s leave it like that. But more importantly, I’m gonna add you to my party. Work hard as our packing mule.」

「So, what are you guys usually hunting…」

「Listen to me, dammit!」

「You really are noisy. If you have something you want from me, wait for your turn. But let me say first that I flat out refuse any person trying to lend me money or trying to hit on me. I also have the right to choose you know… 」

「You Bitch!」


The enraged man suddenly drew his sword and slashed downwards onto Mile.

The other Hunters hurriedly tried to stop him, but there was no way they would make it in time.





Everyone was frozen. Several Hunters that tried to rescue has stiffened as though petrified. The man who stood there holding a sword missing its blade. Mile still in the stance of having drawn her sword. And the blade clattering over floor.

…It hadn’t broken. The great sword’s blade had been sliced of.






After having lightly swung her sword, Mile returned it to its sheath. A moment later the man’s severed metal armor fell to the ground.




The man shakily took a couple of steps back before he turned around and escaped in a full on sprint. Two Hunters quickly followed after him. They probably were his party members.


「So, where were we….」


When Mile faced the boy’s group again they were gaping like fishes, so the conversation didn’t really start again. A Hunter in his mid thirties then called out to the troubled looking Mile


「That sword you have there… Where did you get that?」


(Ah, this is bad….)


The Hunter didn’t seem to harbor any ill will towards her only showing interest in her sword. But if people thought her sword was awesome and targeted her for it, that would be a problem.


「Eh, this is just a sword I bought in a normal shop, it was on a bargain you know?」

「Don’t go kidding me! Not with an edge that sharp!」


(Hmm, what should I do…. ah, I know!)


「Could I borrow your sword for a moment?」

「EH? No, well, maybe for a little…」


The man then gave his sword complete with sheath to Mile who fastened it to her waist right next to her own sword.


「Could someone flip a copper coin in my direction?」

「Yeah, I’ll throw one!」


Among the Hunters that had surrounded Mile out of curiosity one took out his purse and picked a single copper coin from it.


「Here you go!」


Kiin! Pashii!


With a speed too fast for their eyes, Mile drew the sword. Immediately afterwards her left hand blurred through the air.




With these words Mile presented the perfectly bisected copper coin to the man that had lent her his sword.

「You’ve got to be kidding me….」


The Hunter was stunned in face of the coin sliced in half with his own sword.


「W-With my sword, you cut a copper coin….」


Wit unbelieving eyes the man studied the coin’s remains he had picked up from Mile’s palm.


「As you can see, it has nothing to with the sword, there’s just a small trick to it.」


(((((Small trick my ass!!)))))


Hunter and clerk alike, everyone inside the Guild shared this thought. But among Hunters, asking about another’s past or skills is off limits. Since they couldn’t straight up ask her, they concentrated all of their senses onto Mile.

After Mile had returned the sword, she could continue the conversation with the boy who had finally rebooted.


「So, you said something about lacking offensive power….」

「Y-Yes! We are a swordsman, a spearman, an archer, and two magicians out of which one can use Attack Magic while the other can use a little bit of Support and Healing Magic…. but we are having problems when enemies close in on us. So we endeavored that it would be auspicious to complement our arrangement with light-footed sword fighter to suitably fulfill the duty of serving as a rear guard…」


For some reason the leader-like boy forced himself to sound more formal which turned his explanation into something odd, but Mile understood what he wanted nonetheless.


「Eh? But I’m a magician and not a swordsman?」



The other Hunters in the back joined in on the cry of disbelief.


「But then what about that sword and that technique earlier….」

「Ahh, even if magician is not a front line profession, sometimes enemies can bypass the vanguard or you get attacked from behind, right? That’s why I thought that I should be able to at least protect myself which is why my sword play is only half baked.」




Since a noise came from behind her, Mile turned around, only to find a man looking like a front line swordsman bashing his head repeatedly against a wall. Maybe he ate something bad….


Compared to the shocked martial artists, the magicians were relieved.

If a swordsman could use such a high ranking magic like Storage Magic on the side nobody would need them anymore. On the other hand, an excellent magician that could use sword techniques on the level of a swordsman was glorious fun to them.


「I-I’m very sorry…. I was sure you were on the same D-Rank as we…」

「Eh, D-Rank? A difference of two Rank would be hard, right?」


She had wrecked her brain for a good reason to decline the invitation, but now the Rank difference gave her the perfect way out. She had previously thought that they were E- or F-Rank like her, but now she could use this.


「Two? Ah, so you were not C-Rank but even B-Rank. Well you can use Storage Magic and combined with that sword play it’s obvious. You do seem quite young though, are you perhaps an elf or dwarf? I really overstepped my bounds there with my invitation, please excuse my mistake….」

「Eh? No, no, I’m just just your everyday normal, average human. I just started as a Hunter yesterday and am currently F-Rank.」







In the background a cacophony of noises resounded.

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