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Blazing Man 2

「I’ll spare Kelvin the punishment this time too. Even I would find it hard to bear.」


The whole class nodded in agreement to Burgess judgement.


「Now, that only leaves…」


Burgess then addressed Marcella’s trio.


「Wonder three, can you take care of the rest?」

「W-Wonder Three? Do you mean us? What is up with that nickname…?」


The three girls were weirded out by their strange nickname.


「Ahh, sorry. That’s what you are called among the teachers.

A commoner, a merchant, and a noble hanging out together despite their social status. Not to mention you all suddenly awoke to your talent for magic. The rumors say that you’re loved by the spirits of magic or that friendship crossing the lines of class has been blessed by the goddess, which in turn earned you names like Wonder Three, Miracle Three or Magic Three.」



Their faces were flushed red in embarrassment.


「And here’s what I’d like you as the “Beautiful Trio (+1) of class A” to do: Go and cheer up a delicate and heartbroken boy.」

「Again, what is it with those names…」


The three were put off by this, but well, after seeing Kelvin like that they couldn’t really refuse.


「We do not have a choice it seems. But you owe us for this.」


Although she had chosen to take on this task, Marcella properly requested a reward. As expected of the third daughter of an impoverished noble.


「Okay… Next time something happens I’ll look what I can do for you.」

「It’s a promise then. By the way…」

「Hmm? What is it?」

「What is that “(+1)” supposed to mean?」

「Well, you know. Bringing this culprit along would be kinda bad.」


While saying this, Burgess’ was firmly pointing at Adel.

Using their Wonder Miracle Magic, the three girls somehow got Kelvin to attend the classes in the afternoon. When the last class was over and the teacher had left the classroom, Kelvin walked over to Adel’s seat.

Adel wrinkled her face in preparation for the annoying event that was about to unfold.

(I wish he would finally learn to leave me alone!)

As he closed in, anger started to well up inside her.


「I won’t lose! As the fifth son of the Barium family, I swear on my family name that I will…」



Adel’s low and displeased voice, despite the small volume, reverberated through the classroom.

And her classmates knew at that moment.

That the class that had taken up the entire first period today had been useless.


「…You.. Who ARE you?」




Not only Kelvin, but also the rest of her classmates were surprised at her unexpected words.


「W-What, are you…」


Ignoring Kelvin who was doing his best to suppress his agitation, Adel continued.


「The person losing to me time after time, only to challenge me again shortly after he trained some more, is my classmate Kelvin. A boy whose undeserved glares of enmity I beared time after time.

And now what? Was the person I fought against not my classmate Kelvin who aimed to become a knight, but rather some unidentifiable animal without any relation to me called “fifth son of a Baron”?」


「First of all, what up with that fifth son of a Baron stuff? Are you important? Does it mean something?

After all, most nobles are just people whose ancestors did something great that got their families lifted up from the common people.

Those ancestors certainly were great people, but how does that connect to you being great just because you got born in that family?

Or do you want to say that the blood in your veins is different from that of a commoner?」



Her classmates were shocked by her hard criticism of nobility.


「You know, aristocrats aren’t “noble” by birth, they have to put effort into becoming “noble”. Watching their parents’ conduct, receiving a fitting education, and finally housing the mindset of the responsibility of power “Noblesse Oblige”.」


((((Ah, she wasn’t finished…))))

A wave of relief washed through her classmates.


「And what are you right now? As someone still in education alongside commoners, without the mindset of a noble, who has done nothing for the sake of the country or the people, only using up taxes, exactly what are you trying to declare as the child of a noble?

Is this something worth doing in the name of a noble? Do you even have the qualification to bet your precious family name on this in the first place? Are you really sure? Are you ready to tarnish your family name?」




((((Oh, this is bad!))))

Seeing Kelvin’s condition, the students got nervous.

If this continued on, it would become a repeat of this morning.


「…Has your heart grown cold?」



Failing to understand Adel’s words, Kelvin was stunned.


「Was your passion for self improvement up until now really something you yourself wished for? Or is it something you reluctantly forced yourself to do to protect the pride of the title “Baron’s fifth son”?

Was training fun? Were you happy when you got stronger? Or did you bear the difficult and painful parts because you had no other choice?

Did your heart grow cold and dark due to this? Or is it blazing with the desire to become stronger, regardless of your social status, hoping for a glorious future?」


Kelvin’s face flushed red, yet he remained silent.


「To me, you are neither a “Descendant of a noble” nor a “Baron’s fifth son”. To me you are a boy who believes that he can climb his way up without relying on his status by training hard and facing challenges head on. Because I thought of you like this, I agreed every time you wanted to duel me.

Did you know? In a certain country, “Kelvin” is the name of unit used to measure temperature. It’s nothing half-assed like 0 degree at the freezing point of water and 100 at the boiling point.

273 degrees below zero. At this temperature everything, including the passage of time, freezes. It’s a terrifying unit that picks this point, “Absolute Zero” as its starting point.

And high temperatures on this scale depict a scorching world, hot enough to melt and evaporate even rock and steel!」


Adel lectured Kelvin while poking him with her index finger.


「Are you a man that won’t amount to anything more than being a “Baron’s fifth son”? Or can you go above that and be a man with a blazing heart possessing a shining soul capable of reaching even the highest of places? So I ask you, are you “The blazing man, Kelvin”?」

「I, I’m, I am….」


When tears started streaming down Kelvin’s face, Adel returned back to her normal self, only to find herself faced with the unbelieving expression on the stunned classmates surrounding them.


(Isn’t this bad? Did I overdo it?)


Adel looked to Marcella in panic. The girl only let her shoulders sink in a sigh and pointed to the door. Following this extremely appropriate advice, Adel hastily escaped the classroom.


When Adel fearfully entered the classroom the next morning, the atmosphere was calm and she was greeted as usual despite her expectations. Adel was relieved.

But the irregularities were yet to come.

Well, it wasn’t really something bad.

It was just that everyone was strangely motivated.

In the theoretical classes as well as in martial arts and magic training.

As much as everyone listened carefully, they also assertively asked questions. This behaviour was especially fierce in the young noble girls.

This was a good thing. But Adel hesitated faced with this sudden change compared to a few days ago.

And somehow Kelvin had calmed down too and was attending classes normally. There was nothing left of the irritation and agitation he was filled with until yesterday.


Burgess admired the trio’s finesse and bragged about their usefulness to the other teachers. Due to this, the teachers started pushing many things on them, causing them quite the inconvenience…


「….Is it just me or have some of the boys who had switched their attacks to Marcella-san returned their focus to me?」

Marcella let her shoulders hang down as she replied to Adel.

「That is a hell of your own making, Adel-san…」

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