Stopping of Smartphone Translations

TLDR: We are stopping the translations of Smartphone
UPD: Updated partings words of the team (Alex)

The people in RTD has always love the Japanese Culture. So we translate these novels to the public so that you readers are able to enjoy them. We feel encouraged when the series become more and more popular.

So right now, Smartphone has reached a point where there is anime adaptation as well as English translated Light Novel. It has certainly reached the point where we can safely say ” It is goddamn popular.” Living up to the expectations of you cherished readers, the awesome smartphone team has posted 2 chapters a week. On the other hand, our lovely buddies from the J-Novel Club (Official Smartphone Translators) has also increased their speed in translations. It has reached the point where they are only 50 chapters behind.

We feel that at this point, Smartphone has grown up and it is time for us to put a closure on the translation of Smartphone and pass the baton onto the official Translators at J-Novels.  They are an awesome bunch and do support them! I do sincerely hope that no one will pick this up after this.

Shoutout to J-Novels: Fund my GBF Summer Gacha so that I can roll my sorrows away! Fund us for the next month server’s cost XD

Smartphone Series: We will continue to translate till the end of this arc.

Alex :

“I am an assh*le, no way around that. In general, a wonderful ride. Sad we didn’t reach the ceremony. Disappointed with constant spoiler’ing in comments. Appreciative of the support. Thankful to those whom I worked with on this series and guys and gals of RTD. Much regards to the esteemed author for writing this series.”


“Sorry we had to drop smartphone, it was a sudden decision we came up with and we are not going to make excuse. Sadly, we lost motivation to continue with the serious for various reason. We actually translated up to 275 before the new year eve and since then we only translated 10 chapters which are basically been done by Alex. It would usually take me 1 day to translate a whole chapter but since the year started I spent a week looking at the chapter without even finding the time and motivation to start. I even TLC the chapter would take me more than 3 days to just take a look. In any case, if you want to continue reading the series, you can subscribe at J-novels and I hope you purchase the LN to support the Author. In case they drop it for any reason, we will think about picking it up again. I appreciate the readers and the team support, and thanks for everybody.”


“There are only three people working on the Smartphone translation team. Four if you include our most recent addition to the team. Aside from all of us not being native English and Japanese speakers (which slows us down considerably), we are also only doing this as a hobby. Alex and Airsblue – Translator and TLC (depends on their mood who translates and who checks) BlackSwordsman1721 (me) and Empress – Editors (It used to be only me until Chapter 260 onwards. Now, we juggle on who edits first and who edits last to maintain or increase the quality of our releases. On the other hand, J-Novel Club has a lot of Translators, Translator Checkers, Editors and Proof Readers. Not only are they native English speakers and professionals, they are translating because it’s their job. They also have the numbers to increase their pace. That’s why trying to maintain the lead is very taxing for us. If they were any slower, we might have continued translating without burning out. We have stopped doing a lot of the things we want to do, like watching anime or other stuffs, just to keep up with the pace, yet J-Novel Club has also increased their pace to the point of us having a mere 50 chapter lead against them. We want to take our time translating, but we can’t do that lest we allow our lead to slip even further. This pretty much burned us up. I hope you guys understand our situation. We are sorry, and thank you for keeping up with us. Despite burning out, it was still a wonderful ride for us. I hope it was also the same for you guys. Rest assured that we will still finish the current arc as our farewell gift”

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