RTD welcomes Original Novel Writers!

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Dear writers,

I believe that everyone has noticed that there are new, original novels on rtd.moe as of current. While we are relatively new in this direction, we have finally sorted out a few matters and issues and we are pleased to announce the details on Originals Novels. Join us on discord for more details.

Our reader base is large and is of high quality and we do have enticing features such as Amazon Polly to create a text to speech for readers. If your works is popular and we might be able to get people to voice your works!

We are mainly an English speaking community, which means that we do have people which are proficient in editing English scripts as well as giving comments. We have a discord group where the people there can give constructive criticism on your works through a moderated channel. We have moderators ensure that the dedicated channels are constructive and beneficial to developing your story line. Please note that you do not have to be a native English speaker in order to submit a work to be hosted on rtd.moe. As long as you can translate your story into a legible form of English from your language, then it can be edited later in order to accommodate English speaking audiences.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All original novel content is exclusive to, and owned by, the author. Their writings and/or content are prohibited to be used without their authorization.
  • Original Authors are currently allowed to publish the following: web novels, short stories, and poems.
  • Original Authors are free to publish their writings on their own website as well as RTD.
  • Original Author’s Patreons are allowed, after 5 chapters have been posted to rtd.moe.

From $0 – $50 USD

Donation Cut Exempted!

From $51-$100 USD

You will need to pay USD $10.

From $101-$200 USD

You will need to pay USD $15

From $200 USD and above

You will need to pay 10% of Patreon.

All fees will directly go to helping pay for the server as well as developing a new site

  • Patreons must publicly display their earnings on their pages. You can highly recommended to put a donor category, stating that the donor comes from RTD.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated. Any content found on rtd.moe deemed to be plagiarized will be immediately removed, and the writer will receive a punishment from administrator. Please remember to give proper credentials to those who deserve them.
  • We ask that the writings contain none of the following: No R-18, pedophiliac, or extremely gory content.
  • No inflammatory/derogatory content should be in the novel. No balant targeting of certain groups/ society is allowed



Patreon Update 6th May 2018
Stopping of Smartphone Translations