RTD Patreon Launched and FAQ #3

Hi all, Fairy here.

We have finally launched our Patreon . I am very sure you guys will have many questions to ask. I have created a page at the menu section to tell you guys more about the Patreon itself.

Q1) Will there be a paywall?

A: Nope. 0 paywall. No early access.

Q2) Then if we donate, what will we get?!

A: Roles in RTD discord server. We are still looking for ways to reward you guys. Shout out to us if you have any ideas other than early access/unedited chapters, let us know. Maybe I should reserve NSFW for donors/staffs only . Been too much activity over there.

Q3) Who is the cute Loli who voiced the latest Shinka Chapter?! Is she real?!

A: Yes she is real. RTD is moving towards collaborations with lolis voice actors/ actresses to create audio books. If you think you sound cute and want to help us, drop by at our discord.

Q4) Additional Features in RTD?

A: RSS should be up. Subscriptions email should be up. Next chapters/ previous chapters should be up. Dark mode is still in the midst of developing.


If you have any questions, ping me at RTD Discord.

Fairy out~

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