FAQ #2

Faerieeee here.

Thank you all for the wonderful support and we are getting more lurkers in our discord group. Stop lurking and join in the chat! Most of the users there don’t bite!


  1. I have added in the next chapter functionality. It should be working now.
  2. People have commented that Amazon Polly Ivy is emotionless. So I have swapped her for Kendra. She should be better now.
  3. RSS should be working now. I am hesitating to install Jetpack as it will lag the server. Let me know if it is not working.


Work yet to be done

  1. Paetron and donation button.  -> I am lazy.. Leave me be.
  2. Night Mode. One of our admins is working on it. If it gets delayed, mass ping Tim for me in discord
  3. Moar Shinka Chapters <- We are working on it. Next one should be out with a bonus
  4. Updating the different pages.



We are inviting people to host their original stories on RTD as well! Pester Rumanshi for the details and he will tell you more. In addition, we are looking for people to help us create banners. The dimensions are 1900 × 200.


With this, Faerieeee out~

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